False Idols (Tracey)

False Idols (Tracey)

Destroy a few Shrines in the Henbane River area after liberating Hope County Jail, and Tracey will call in to make your vandalism official. Destroy 16 shrines to complete this objective.

Assault copters are tempting here, but they make it difficult to spot hostages in explosion range. Find the shrines at the locations below.

Up the hill west from Mastodon Geothermal Park, halfway between it and the main road.

Southeast of Jessop Conservatory.

At Eden's Altar

Southwest of the McCoy Cabin, on the far side of river

On the river bend almost directly west from Hope County Jail

South of Sacred Skies Lake, just north of the river.

Just northwest of the Chan Residence.

By the west end of Rock Bass Lake, north of the river. Right by Dire Wolf Basin.

At the Pillars of Eden

Southwest of the Vasquez Residence

West of Camp Cougars

On the peak south west of Faith's Gate.

Northwest of the Moonflower Trailer Park

West of the Throne of Mercy Church, well west of Moonflower Trailer park.

On an almost-island west of Dead Man's Mill.

Southwest of McCallough's garage.

Scragging them all completes the mission, for $1600

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