False Prophet (Tracey)

False Prophet (Tracey)

Get this quest to destroy the giant statue of the Father (you saw when you first flew in) from Tracey, after liberating the Hope County Jail. Note that this mission ends in a fairly large scale fight, and their will be enemy helicopters.

Even blowing up the statue itself is going to take more than a few timed charges. The best tool for the job is Tulip, Adelaide's assault copter (which you can get by completing the Friendly Skies and Eco-Warrior missions). Grab it from the heli-shop at Hope County Jail, then fly over and get shooting.

Each section of the statue needs to be destroyed separately, so you'll have to do a little maneuvering here. That the giant crowd below, well-armed with both sniper rifles and rocket launchers is another reason to keep moving (the Auto Repair perk can be handy to have here).

When you've shot all the concrete off the statue, you'll get an objective for an item at the very top. It is possible to parachute onto the statue, or even land in the shadows and sneak in , but things will get hectic later, so it's safer to land, and kill everyone on the ground.

The sniper rifle here is useful for countering snipers on the ridge. Methodically murder your way to the base of the statue, reaching the first blue ladder inside.

It's at about this point that the first wave of reinforcements will show up. Hang here for a second, shooting anyone who enters, then ascend to the next level. Kill the three guys there, then pull the yellow switch to drop the ladder to the level above.

Repeat this pattern up the tower. There are also safes to loot (each with the standard $250 each), and three helicopters to shoot down (there are some rocket launchers here if you didn't bring one, but the sniper rifle works as-well-if-not-better). When you run out of ladders, climb the white boxes to the east.

They'll lead to another ladder, then a mini platforming/balance beam section. The blue rope will always indicate your path. If you don't see any more blue rope, look up.

Interact with the book up top to burn it, and complete the mission.

You can zip-line down from here, but you also keep climbing up to the tippy-top of the structure.

There's nothing actually there, but it does make for some nice wingsuiting.

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