Starter Tips

There's a lot to do in Far Cry 5, here are a few tips to get you orientated in the early hours of the game.

Raid the Stashes

The name 'Prepper Stash' doesn't exactly scream sublime majesty, but these secret caches are by far the quickest way to improve your character. One you leave the intro area of Dutch's Island, every stash you loot will yield three perk points. With 27 stashes to find, that's a lot of perks for not a lot of effort. Plus, the stashes are fun- like mini Tomb Raider tombs, and in addition to perk points and cash, you can often find silver bars, skins, and even special character boosts.


Talk to People

Anyone with an exclamation icon over their head has a new location to give you. Black backed icons indicate side quests, American flags indicate story quests, and turquoise gems indicate prepper stashes. Alway track down the prepper stashers, but make an efort to chat with the others as well. Even if you don't plan to do the quest, it'll fill in your map a bit. Note that people sometimes hear new gossip as the game progresses- the shopkeeper in one liberated outpost may have new locations to give you the next time you stop by.

Do Upgrade the Early Game Weapons

The price can be little daunting- for the cost of a silencer you could almost buy your own helicopter. But you’ll be spending a fair amount of time with those early weapons, and the next-level unlocks aren’t always an improvement. If you do find a weapon you like, it’s worth dropping the cash for an upgrade. And don't worry about losing the weapon- you can always snag it again from the shops for free.

Pick your Battles

Even among open-world game, Far Cry 5 gives you an incredible range of freedom on how you want to proceed. The flip side is that you can sometimes lock yourself off from certain missions as you progress. The main mechanic of this is the Resistance points you gain for general do-gooding in each of three regions. As this level rises, both enemies and friendlies will respond to your actions. Do enough good and some missions will complete themselves, as NPCs are inspired by your actions. The upshot is that if you really want to do all or even most of the story missions, prioritize those over random acts of Resistance, or you might miss out on them entirely. Still, you'll never block yourself from completing the campaign missions, which are unmissable and unskippable.


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