Unlockable Vehicles, Outfits, Perks, and More

In addition to cash rewards and Resistance Points, some missions unlock special gear and items as well. They are listed below.


Getaway Prepper Stash: Unlocks the 1973 Pygmalion SSR car.

Man Cave Prepper Stash: Unlocks the 2012 Kimberlite TCZ truck with Custom Paint

Hangar Pains: Unlocks the Pack Hunter plane.

Kellett Cattle Co. Outpost: Unlocks The Reaper tractor.

PIN-K0 Radar Station Outpost: Unlocks the KAUMBAT H-158 Sky Scarab combat helicopter.

Copperhead Rail Yard Outpost: Unlocks the 2012 Kimberlite TC6 M-Duty Outlaw gunner truck.

King's Hot Springs Hotel Outpost: Unlocks the 1987 Bruelag car.

Baptism of Fire Clutch Nixon Stunt: Unlocks the Uncle Sam car.

Grill Streak Side Mission: Unlocks the 3012 Adjudico Mastodon XZT gun truck.

Make Hope Great Again Story Mission: Unlocks Nancy, a gunner SUV.

The Widowmaker Story Mission: Unlocks the Widow Maker, a big rig with mounted guns.

The Atonement Core Story Mission: Unlocks The Dogfighter plane.

Wrath Core Story Mission: Unlocks the Affirmation fighter plane.

Death Wish Story Mission: Unlocks the Death Wish gunner SUV.

Air Raid Story Mission: Unlocks Nick Rye's Carmina seaplane.

Eco-Warriors Story Mission: Unlocks Adeline's Tulip helicopter.

Baptism of Fire Stunt: Unlocks the Uncle Sam car.

Quadzilla Stunt: Unlocks the Shining Sea jetski

Mooseknuckle Run Stunt: Unlocks the Quad-State Area quadbike

Spray and Pray Stunt: Unlocks the Stars and Stripes seaplane

Descente Dans La Folie Stunt: Unlocks the Bailout truck.



Swingers Prepper Stash: Unlocks the Deer Season outfit.

Foxhole Prepper Stash: Unlocks the Militia outfit

Overwatch Prepper Stash: Unlocks the Flight Crew outfit.

Whitetail Park Ranger Station Outpost: Unlocks the Cowhand outfit.

Seed Ranch Outpost: Unlocks the Speeder outfit.

Lorna's Truck Stop Outpost: Unlocks the Badass outfit.

FANG Center Outpost: Unlocks the Esssentials outfit.

Quest on the Set Side Mission: Unlocks the Omega outfit.

Special Delivery Side Mission: Unlocks the Rye and Daughter shirt.

Prairie Oyster Harvest Side Mission: Unlocks Testicle Festival shirt.

Grand Slam Collectibles Side Mission: Unlocks Cougars T-Shirt.

Mint Condition Collectible Side Mission: Unlocks Cheeseburger T-Shirt

Old Glory Holes Stunt: Unlocks the Overdrive outfit.



Playing With Fire Prepper Stash: Molotovs require fewer components to craft

Green-Busch Fertilizer Co. Outpost: Ultimate Survivor homeopathic requires fewer components to craft.

Fast: The Fast homeopathic requires fewer components to craft.

Furious: The Furious homeopathic requires fewer components to craft.

Nature Provides Side Mission: Buffs the Ultimate Hunter homeopathic.

Blow Their Mine Story Mission: Dynamite requires fewer components to craft.

Dinner Time Story Mission: The Ultimate Hunter homeopathic requires fewer components to craft.

Sins of the Father: Buffs the Ultimate Survivor homeopathic.

War on Drugs Story Mission: Buffs the Ultimate Hunter homeopathic

Clinical Study Story Mission: Bait now attracts Angels


Weapons & Gear

Walk the Path Core Story Mission: Unlocks the Sin Eater sidearm.

Only You Core Story Mission: Unlocks Jacob's Rifle.

Out of this World Side Mission: Unlocks the Magnopulser special weapon.

The Admiral Side Mission: Unlocks the Wonderboy Fishing Rod.


Weapon Skins

Vespiary Prepper Stash: Unlock the Gold Medalist weapon skin.

Patriot Acts Side Mission: Camo skin for the SMG-11



Turn the Tables Side Mission: Unlocks new radio music for Wheaty's station.



Razing the Steaks Story Mission: Makes the Master Blaster Perk available.

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