Dutch’s Bunker

Dutch decides to help you out, and the first way he does this is by giving you access to his clothes closet. This is the first (but not the last) chance you'll get to rejigger your appearance, though your facial selection is permanent.

When ready, follow your marker to talk to Dutch.

He'll tell you to grab a gun and map from the safe. While you're there, remember to grab Dutch's key as well.

You can use this key with the locked door in the bunker, to discover a little bit of ammo and little bit about Dutch's family relationships.

Check the bunker for anything else you want to lift (there are a few melee weapons around, and a medkit in the infirmary).

When ready, head up and out. Dutch will treat you to a little lecture on the fine art of building a resistance, while he stays in the bunker below.

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