Tools of the Trade (Skylar Kohrs)

Tools of the Trade (Side Mission)

You may hear tell of Skylar via a rescued civvie, but you'll always find her in the same starting place- on a patch of land just north of Widow's Creek, in Jacob's Territory

You'll find her in a disagreement with her boyfriend. She asks for you help in convincing him to see reason.

Do this by shooting up his stuff- guitar, keg, satellite dish, and spetic tank.

Keep shooting until he relents, and tosses out Skylar's fishing rods. Grab one for yourself.

Talk to Skylar and she'll lead you off to a nearby fishin' hole.

This begins the fishing tutorial section.

The onscreen instructions are pretty accurate, but you can make things even easier on yourself by wading out into the water a bit. Keep at until you catch your first fish.

This completes a challenge (if it's your first trout), but you'll still need to catch two more.

Talk to Skylar after you have to complete the mission. Talk to her again to start the Gone Fishin' side mission.

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