Bear Necessities (Garden View Packing Facility)

Bear Necessities (Garden View Packing Facility)

To begin this mission, you'll first need to liberate the Gardenview Packing Facility, west of Rae Rae's Pumpkin Farm.

Speak to a guy in the middle of the newly-liberated complex to begin this mission

Head to the hills out back (west) of the complex. Your mission here is to kill three bears. Bears are not really all that tough- even a magazine or two of pistol fire to the skull will bring one down. The key is not to be mauled to death in the meantime. Having a sidekick run interference helps, as does trying not to engage with multiple bears at once.

The last bear will likely be found inside the Bliss-poisoned cave here.

Consider planting an explosive at the cave mouth. It'll ruin the hide, but also save you a chase- this one tends to bolt fast and far when wounded. However, once you take him down, this final bearkill completes the mission.

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