Call of the Wild (Tammy Barnes)

Call of the Wild (Tammy Barnes)

After completing The World is Weak, and taking out a wolf beacon, Tammy will call you up with this side mission.

She wants you to destroy the wolf call beacons in the mountains. Note that whatever beacon or beacons you've already destroyed may or may not show up in her count. This is because the mission comes in two parts- four beacons she knows of, and plotmarked, then six more than are unmarked. She doesn't reveal the final six until the first four have been destroyed- that's when the count will be updated correctly. Follow your markers to destroy the first four.

The last six can be found in the locations below.

Southwest of the FANG Center

West and slightly north of the Wolf's Den.

West and slightly north of the PIN-K0 outpost.

Southwest of Cooper Cabin

East and slightly north of the FANG Center, by the broken tracks.

On a ridge well west of FANG Center.

Destroying these last six beacons completes the mission.

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