Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, and FAQ’s

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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, and FAQ’s

Assassins Creed: Rogue developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft is an open-world action packed stealth game released in 2007 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Assassins Creed: Rogue portrays the challenges between the Order of Assassins in the fight for free will and peace. This game features facets of science-fiction and historical-fiction with real-world historical events and figures.  Outlined below are cheat codes and a walkthrough of multiple bonuses, locations, missions, recipes, and trophies available throughout the game.

Infinite money and resources

Go to any outpost that has two or more key holders. Kill all key holders except one. Then, loot the warehouses. Once you are finished looting the warehouses, press Start, select the “Shay Upgrades” option, then back out of the menus to save your inventory. Next, find an enemy, and let him kill you to start back at the beginning of the outpost with all the stolen resources from the warehouses. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Bonus weapons

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon:

Melee weapons

Admiral’s Lion Sword: Successfully complete the Gothenburg fleet mission.
Altair’s Sword: Successfully complete all fleet missions.
Bastard Sword: Purchase for 18,000 after completing the “Armour and Sword” mission.
British Cutlasses: Purchase for 5,000.
Colonial American Cutlasses: Purchase for 3,000.
Cuttoe Sword: Purchase for 10,000.
English Infantry Hanger Sword: Purchase for 13,000.
Governor’s Sword: Successfully complete all renovations.
Hanger Sword: Purchase for 12,500.
Hunting Sabre: Successfully complete all hunting quests.
Katana: Redeem 30 Uplay points.
Officer’s Short Sword: Purchase for 14,000.
Pirate Scimitars: Purchase for 1,200.
Privateer Cutlasses: Purchase for 6,500.
Scottish Broadsword: Purchase for 8,000.
Spanish Sword: Successfully complete the Gibraltar fleet mission.
Viking Sword: Successfully complete the “Viking Sword” quest.


Admiral’s Lion Pistol: Successfully complete the Barbados fleet mission.
Belgian Engraved Pistol: Purchase for 7,000.
Edward’s Pistol: Redeem 40 Uplay points.
English Percussion Flintlock Pistol: Successfully complete all Abstergo Tablets, then go to River Valley.
Indian Flintlock Pistol: Successfully complete the Yanaon fleet mission.
Pirate Flintlock Pistol: Purchase for 800.
Queen Anne’s Pistol: Purchase for 8,000.
Scottish Flintlock Pistol: Successfully complete all Forts, Gang Headquarters, and Settlement activities.
Standard Wheelock Pistol: Purchase for 5,000.


Assassin's Creed Rogue Story
Fast location finding with blueprint locations.

Blueprint locations:
Search at the indicated coordinates to find a blueprint that can be used to upgrade Shay Cormac’s ship, the Morrigan:

Aquila Figurehead: River Valley, Dekanawida (484, -664)
Aquila Sails: New York (493, -724)
Aquila Wheel: New York (555, -491)
Blackbeard Figurehead: New York (594, -476)
Blackbeard Sails: New York (315, -284)
Blackbeard Wheel: North Atlantic, Le Chameau (68, -480)
Elite Burning Oil: River Valley, Otetiani (95, -367)
Elite Burning Oil Storage: North Atlantic, Gros Morne (499, -311)
Elite Explosive Shot: River Valley, Riviere Aurifere (577, -300)
Elite Heavy Shot: North Atlantic, The Apphire (915, -337)
Elite Heavy Shot Storage: North Atlantic, Pearl Island (948, -928)
Elite Hull: River Valley, Genessee (365, -14)
Elite Icebreaker Ram: North Atlantic, Fogo (921, -77)
Elite Mortar Storage: North Atlantic, Terra Nova (782, -479)
Elite Mortars: North Atlantic, HMS Miranda (729, -178)
Elite Puckle Gun: New York (500, -608)
Elite Puckle Gun Cylinder: North Atlantic, Nerepis (132, -744)
Elite Round Shot: New York (504, -348)
Elite Set of Cannons: River Valley, Aarushi (959, -66)

Broken computer locations
Exit the Animus, then search for the 20 broken computers. Fixing them will reward you with background files on various characters, factions, or events in the world. Repairing some of these computers is required to progress the storyline. In the repair sequence, you must light up sections of a sphere. Use the outer circles to move lines of power around until every section of the sphere gets a single point of power. The computers that require repair are highlighted on the game map. However, most of them are behind security doors that will only unlock after progressing far enough in the storyline. Note: You cannot repair the computers after the game is completed.

1Second Floor: Server Room, Upper-LeftInspiration: Al Mualim
2Lobby: Server Room, Left SideVidic’s New Recruit
3Lobby: Upper-LeftFlorence goes FUBAR
4Second Floor: Near ElevatorInspiration: Haytham Kenway
5Second Floor: Locked Room on Right SideThe Soldiers
6Second Floor: Center of Cubicle FarmThe Ankh
7Lobby: Just outside of elevator hallwayInspiration: Daniel Cross
8Second Floor: Upper-left Meeting RoomThe Leaders
915th Floor: Entrance AreaSigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Cult
10Second Floor: Locked Room on Right SideThe Koh-i-Noor
11Basement: Server on Left SideSigma Team’s Most Wanted: Cross Training
12Basement: Top Side of X RoomInspiration: Duncan Walpole
1315th Floor: Server Room on Upper-Right SideInspiration: Baptiste
14Second Floor: Locked Room on Left SideNew Orders
15Second Floor: Locked Room on Upper-RightSigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Dead
16Second Floor: Left side of Cubicle FarmLindsifarne
17Second Floor: Locked Room on Upper-RightCairo Debrief
18Lobby: Top Side, on RightThe Box
19Lobby: Just past elevator hallwayParis
20Basement: Right side of X RoomSigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Support

Native pillar locations:
Travel to the indicated coordinates, and complete the mini-game at the totem shrine to get a native pillar artifact. After collecting all seven artifacts, travel to the Native American village near Orenda, River Valley at coordinates 271, -393. Turn in the artifacts to get the Native Armor outfit, which reduces incoming melee damage.

River Valley, Dekanawida (494, -658)
River Valley, Otetiani (109, -374)
River Valley, Genessee (369, -23)
River Valley, Aarushi (936, -48)
North Atlantic, Fogo (915, -67)
North Atlantic, Gros Morne (497, -309)
North Atlantic, Terra Nova (787, -480)

Viking sword locations:
Dig at the indicated coordinates to find a Viking sword. After collecting all the swords, fast travel to Pearl Island in the North Atlantic. Travel to the ancient site on the island at coordinates 949, -928 to get the Viking Armor outfit.

North Atlantic, Yarmouth (190, -906)
North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944, -933)
North Atlantic, Burgeo (549, -588)
North Atlantic, Grande Entree (364, -476)
North Atlantic, Harbour Deep (584, -358)
North Atlantic, Port Meinier (298, -142)
North Atlantic, Fogo (916, -67)
North Atlantic, Anticosti (188, -144)
River Valley, Vieille Carriere (555, -42)
River Valley, Old Growth (288, -531)
River Valley, Twin Snake Path (662, -588)
River Valley, Ash Creek (267, -879)
River Valley, Or du Nord (945, -135)
River Valley, Lac Eternel (427, -370)
New York, North Medium (386, -249)

Cave painting locations:
Search the cave at indicated coordinates using Eagle Vision to find the corresponding cave painting:

Evil Remnants: North Atlantic, Grande Entree (367, -482)
Harmful Things: North Atlantic, Fogo (920, -66)
Humanity: North Atlantic, Tera Nova (790, -484)
Laughter And Tears: River Valley, Aarushi (931, -38)
Lightning In The Sky: River Valley, Aarushi (946, -47)
Mischief: North Atlantic, Anticosti (184, -152)
Shadows: North Atlantic, Gros Morne (491, -308)
Stubbornness: North Atlantic, St. Johns (866, -638)
Swans: River Valley, Black Ridge (77, -771)
The Challenge: North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944, -933)
The End And Beyond: North Atlantic, Le Chameau (73, -472)
The First Humans: North Atlantic, HMS Miranda (732, -178)
Victory And Banishment: North Atlantic, Nerepis (126, -743)

War letter locations:
Search the indicated location or complete the listed task to obtain all 35 war letters:

1. My Faithful Acolytes: River Valley, Old Growth
2. Laurence of America: River Valley, Marais Rocheux
3. The First Colonial Assassin: River Valley, Twin Snake Path
4. The Manila Galleons: River Valley, Albany
5. The Omani Arabs: River Valley, Coeur de L’Hiver
6. Death of The Executioner: New York, King’s Farm
7. The Siege of Louisbourg: New York, East Village
8. The Scientist: New York, Stuyvesant’s Farm
9. All Over the World: New York, Lower Manhattan
10. Dead End: New York, Waterfront
11. Front Company: North Atlantic, Anticosti
12. The Fiend Nadir Shah: North Atlantic, Lewisporte
13. The Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom: North Atlantic, Miramichi
14. The Hospitaller’s Plea: North Atlantic, Port aux Basques
15. Audition: North Atlantic, St. John’s
16. The Swedish Levant Company: North Atlantic, Yarmouth
17. The Clerk: North Atlantic, Glace Bay
18. Mediterranean Defense: North Atlantic, Sept-lles
19. Art History: River Valley, lle de Pins
20. Fit to Serve: River Valley, Le Bras du Seugneur
21. The Kingdom of Mysore: River Valley, Fleur de Vent
22. Arrange Marriage: River Valley, Mount Vernon
23. The Ghost of The North: River Valley, Riviere Aurifiere
24. Ruinous Reinette: New York, Greenwich
25. Monro: Successfully complete the Savannah mission in the Fleet campaign.
26. The Stalwart: Successfully complete the Le Havre mission in the Fleet campaign.
27. Cuban Salvage: Successfully complete the Havana mission in the Fleet campaign.
28. A Thief in the Night: Successfully complete the Santa Maria de Belem mission in the Fleet campaign.
29. Chichen Itza: Successfully complete the Cartagena mission in the Fleet campaign.
30. First Mate: Successfully complete the Goree Islande mission in the Fleet campaign.
31. A Door of No Return: Successfully complete the Stockholm mission in the Fleet campaign.
32. Warning: Successfully complete the Malta mission in the Fleet campaign.
33. Savannah: Successfully complete the Mozambique mission in the Fleet campaign.
34. Family Vacation: Successfully complete the Calcutta mission in the Fleet campaign.
35. Family Reunion: Successfully complete the Manila mission in the Fleet campaign.

Naval activity locations:
Patrol the indicated area for a chance to trigger the corresponding naval activity:

Abandoned ships
Southwest of Sept-Îles
Northwest of Perce
Southwest of Nerepis
Southeast of Glace Bay
West of Pearl Island
Southwest of Lewisporte
North of HMS Miranda
Northwest of Glace Bay

Common convoys
South of Anticosti
Southeast of Sept-Îles
Northeast of Grande-Entrée
South of Port aux Basques
South of Fort St. Louis
South of St. John’s

Naval clashes
Southeast of Halifax
North of Perce
East of Glace Bay
West of Pearl Island
West of Gros Morne
North of Lewis Porte

Prisoners of war
East of Glace Bay
East of Chameau
Northwest of Pearl Island
East of Port Meinier
Northeast of Harbour Deep
South of Fogo

Royal convoys
South of Fort Baie-Rouge
North of HMS Miranda
North of Sapphire
Northwest of Lewisporte
South of Sapphire

Animal locations:
Explore the indicated areas to find the corresponding animal:

Arctic Fox: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Miramichi
Arctic Hare: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte
Arctic Wolf: Gros Morne, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte, Terra Nova
Beaver: Glace Bay, Grand-Entree, Nerepis, Yarmouth
Black Bear: i le Des Pins, Otetiani, St. Nicolas
Black Wolf: Or-du-Nord
Canadian Lynx: Grand-Entree, Le Chameau, Nerepis
Deer: Common in many areas.
Eastern Elk: Sept-lles, Ash Creek, Coeur-de-l’hiver, Greystone, Red Bank, Riviere Aurifere
Fox: Albany, Dekanawida, Mount Vernon, Ruisseau du Renard
Gray Wolf: Old Growth Forest, Sleepy Hollow, Twin Snake Path, Two Bends, Vallee Verte
Hare: Common in many areas.
Humpback Whale: North Atlantic (north or southeast)
Killer Whale: North Atlantic (near center or southeast)
Narwhal: North Atlantic (northeast)
Polar Bear: Fogo, HMS shipwreck, The Sapphire
Shark: North Atlantic (southwest)
White Whale: North Atlantic (west or southeast corner)

Assassin Interception missions

Assassin's Creed mission
Missions done easily with stealth and agility.

Successfully complete all Assassin Interception missions to get the Templar Enforcer armor, which allows Shay to mark Stalkers from a greater distance. To start an Assassin Interception mission, look on the map for an Assassin Intercept quest icon. This indicates the location of a pigeon that is used by the Assassins to communicate. Pigeons are usually found perched high on buildings. Climb up and slowly make your way towards the bird. Moving too fast will cause the pigeon to fly away. Once close enough, follow the onscreen prompts to capture the bird. If you fail, the pigeon may fly off. If that happens, you can either chase it to where it lands or retry later. After capturing the pigeon, you will know where the Assassins plan on attacking their target. Quickly travel to that area.

The Assassins will be hiding in multiple locations around the victim. Each location will be marked by a circle to indicate their presence. You can find the Assassins using Eagle Vision or by looking for someone dressed in yellow. A person in a yellow outfit that does not appear on the mini map without the use of Eagle Vision is a confirmed Assassin. Kill all Assassins to get a bonus and make the next part easier. After the timer ends, the Assassins will attack the target, usually from rooftops or by sprinting through the streets. Watch both of those areas and the mini map to determine which direction the next attack is coming from. Instead of climbing up to the rooftops to fight, shoot Assassins from below. You will successfully complete the mission once all Assassins are killed.

Fleet missions

Progress through Sequence 3 to access the Fleet missions. You will be able to send your fleet on missions through the Captain’s Cabin on the Morrigan. To increase your fleet’s size, capture ships by boarding damaged enemy vessels and selecting the “Add to Fleet” option. This will cost some money, but you will make money in return. You can send multiple ships on different missions simultaneously to increase their chance of success and the rate of earning money and resources.

Your fleet can carry various cargo including food, medical supplies, and troops. Send ships for any resources that are urgently needed and keep your weaker spare ships working the easier trade routes to maintain resources and money. The success or failure of a ship on a particular mission depends on the ship’s capabilities. Smaller ships require less time to complete a mission. The Fleet Mission screen is randomized each time it is opened. If you do not like the current trade routes, simply exit and re-open the screen until you are satisfied with the trade routes. The Fleet Mission rewards are as follows:

Barbados Mission: 889, Admiral Lion’s Pistols
Belem: 1383, Dead End
Brest: 1426, Admiral Lion Wheel
Buenos Aires: 2725, Relic of Pedro de Mendoza
Calcutta: 4646, Kingdom of Mysore
Cap-Français: 618, Engraving of François Mackandal
Carrickfergus: 1298, Irish Flag
Cartagena: 1668, Mediterranean Defense
Copenhagen: 1726, 18th-Century Mariner’s Compass
Crete: 1074, Dancing Cretan Bull Mosaic
Florida: 371, Spanish Conquistador Helmet
Gibraltar: 1514, Spanish Sword
Goree Island: 1626, A Door of No Return
Gothenburg: 1489, Admiral Lion Sword and Dagger
Havana: 510, Cuban Salvage
Isle de France: 3749, Gilded French Sails
Java: 3767, Javanese Gong
Lagos: 1392, Statue of São Gonçalo
Le Havre: 1473, Ruinous Reinette
Louisiana: 720, Aveline Figurehead
Luanda: 2421, Golden African Wheel
Malacca: 1942, Admiral Outfit
Malta: 1278, Hospitaller’s Plea
Manila: 4333, Manila Galleons
Mombasa: 4229, Portrait of Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi (Sultan of Oman)
Mozambique: 3719, Omani Arabs
Puducherry: 4438, Mysorean Rocket
Rio de Janeiro: 2013, British Lion Sails
Saint-Louis: 1538, African Mask
Sardinia: 2356, British Lion Figurehead
Savannah: 319, Savannah Collectible
Stockholm: 1517, Swedish Levant Company
Yanaon: 3399, India Flintlock Pistols

Recipe Crafting

The following items can be crafted using the indicated ingredients:

Berserk DartDarts fired from the air rifle that enrages enemies1 Bone
Berserk GrenadeExplosive dart that enrages multiple enemies at once5 Bones
Firecracker DartDistract enemies away or lures them to specific area1 Bone
Rope DartPull enemies towards you, hanging them if you are above1 Bone
Shrapnel GrenadeDamages multiple targets in area5 Bones
Sleep DartFired from air rifle to put enemies to sleep1 Bone
Sleep GrenadePuts multiple enemies to sleep5 Bones
Ammo efficiency upgrades
Berserk Dart Efficiency IIncrease duration of Berserk effect1 Beaver Pelt, 1 Gray Wolf Pelt
Berserk Dark Efficiency IIFurther increases the duration of Berserk effect2 Black Wolf Pelt, 2 Killer Whale Skin
Berserk Grenade Efficiency IIncreased radius for Berserk Grenade effect1 Fox Pelt, 1 Killer Whale Skin
Berserk Grenade Efficiency IIFurther increases radius of the Berserk Grenade2 Easter Elk Hide, 2 Narwhal Tusk
Shrapnel Grenade Efficiency IIncreased radius of Shrapnel Grenades1 Shark Skin, 1 Gray Wolf Pelt
Shrapnel Grenade Efficiency IIIncreased radius of Shrapnel Grenades2 Black Bear Pelt, 2 Polar Bear Pelt
Sleep Grenade Efficiency IIncreased radius of sleep grenades1 Deer Hide, 1 Canadian Lynx Pelt
Sleep Grenade Efficiency IIFurther increased radius of sleep grenades2 Arctic Hare Pelt, 2 Humpback Whale Skin
Ammo pouches
Air Rifle Darts Pouch ICarry five more darts1 Deer Hide, 1 Arctic Hare Pelt
Air Rifle Darts Pouch IIFurther increases capacity to carry five more darts2 Polar Bear Pelt, 2 Black Wolf Pelt
Berserk Grenade Pouch IIncrease capacity of Berserk grenade pouch by one1 Black Bear Pelt, 1 Shark Skin
Berserk Grenade Pouch IIFurther increases the capacity of Berserk grenade pouch by one2 White Whale Skin, 2 Polar Bear Pelt
Pistol HoldersCarry two pistols1 Eastern Elk Hide
Pistol Ammo Pouch ICarry ten additional bullets1 Deer Hide, 1 Beaver Pelt
Pistol Ammo Pouch IICarry ten additional bullets2 Fox Pelt, 2 Arctic Fox Pelt
Rope Dart Pouch ICarry five more rope darts1 Gray Wolf Pelt
Rope Dart Pouch IICarry five more rope darts2 Humpback Whale Skin, 2 Gray Wolf Pelt
Shrapnel Grenade Pouch IIncrease grenade capacity by one1 Humpback Whale Skin, 1 Black Bear Pelt
Shrapnel Grenade Pouch IIIncrease grenade capacity by one2 Narwhal Tusk, 2 Eastern Elk Hide
Sleep Grenade Pouch IIncrease capacity of sleep grenades by one1 Killer Whale Skin, 1 Beaver Pelt
Sleep Grenade Pouch IIFurther increases grenade capacity by one2 Eastern Elk Hide, 2 Arctic Wolf Pelt
Smoke Bomb Pouch ICarry five more smoke bombs1 Arctic Fox Pelt, 1 Canadian Lynx Pelt
Smoke Bomb Pouch IIFurther increase smoke bomb capacity by five2 Arctic Wolf Pelt, 2 Easter Elk Hide
Health upgrades
Health Upgrade IIncrease health by 25%2 Hare Pelt
Health Upgrade IIFurther increases health by an additional 25%2 Arctic Hare Pelt, 2 Canadian Lynx Pelt
Health Upgrade IIIFurther increase health by an additional 25%2 Gray Wolf Pelt, 2 Killer Whale Skin
Health Upgrade IVFurther increase health by an additional 25%2 Black Wolf Pelt, 2 Narwhal Tusk
Hunter OutfitIncrease stealth against animals2 Gray Wolf Pelt, 3 Arctic Wolf Pelt
Whaler OutfitIncreased harpoon damage2 Shark Skin, 2 Killer Whale Skin
Frontiersman Outfit2 Black Wolf Pelt, 4 Black Bear Pelt
Arctic Explorer Outfit3 Polar Bear Pelt, 3 Narwhal Tusk

Enemy ship features

Ship in Assassin's Creed Rogue.
Assassin’s Creed Rogue features ships and naval battles.


The following is a list of the strength of enemy ships based on their level, as well as the types of cargo they carry:

Carries almost all types of cargo and ammo for mortars and heavy shot. Their broadside cannons and ram attacks are dangerous. However, their front and rear sides are fairly weak.

Level 17: 3,000 armor and 150 damage from two front, ten side, and two rear cannons.
Level 20: 7,000 armor and 160 damage from two front, ten side, and two rear cannons.
Level 25: 12,000 armor and 165 damage from two front, ten side, and two rear cannons.

Carries all resources and heavy shot ammo. Deadly at short range, especially if in broadside range. They are unarmed from the rear.

Level 23: 7,000 armor and 265 damage from four front and ten side cannons.
Level 29: 12,000 armor and 210 damage from four front and fifteen side cannons.
Level 38: 22,000 armor and 200 damage from four front and twenty side cannons.

Weak ship that is armed with two cannons on the front and none at the sides or rear.

Level 1: 200 armor and 100 damage per cannon.
Level 2: 250 armor and 125 damage per cannon.
Level 6: 600 armor and 125 damage per cannon.

Carries huge amounts of all types of cargo and ammo. Their rear is the weakest defended point.

Level 36: 19,000 armor and 180 damage from four front and thirty two side cannons.
Level 49: 27,900 armor and 200 damage from eight front and forty three side cannons.
Level 60: 30,000 armor and 200 damage from twelve front and fifty three side cannons.

Fast and moderately armored ship that carries nonmetal cargo such as wood and cloth, along with ammo and crew member resources. They can deploy burning oil behind them when chased. Their back is heavily armored, while their front and sides are very weak.

Level 4: 400 armor and 125 damage from two side cannons.
Level 8: 900 armor and 150 damage from three side and two rear cannons.
Level 11: 1,550 armor and 175 damage from four side and two rear cannons.

The Headless Horseman Easter Egg
Travel to Sleepy Hollow at night while the moon is visible. Go to the church to find a headless brute guard that is considered a redcoat. He is difficult, but not impossible to kill. Stab, slash, or shoot him repeatedly until he falls over. It is also possible to hang him with a rope dart. He is considered a redcoat.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity reference
Enter the final glitched memory in the castle. In the courtyard are two children. They will say that their names are Arno and Elyse, which are the names of characters in Assassin’s Creed: Unity.


Assassin's Creed
Trophies easy to obtain with a multitude of weapons to complete sequences.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Platinum (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
Halcyon days (Bronze): Complete sequence 1.
The end of youth (Bronze): Complete sequence 2.
Making new friends (Bronze): Complete sequence 3.
Picking teams (Silver): Complete sequence 4.
One legend dies, and one is born (Silver): Complete sequence 5.
Brotherhood broken (Silver): Complete sequence 6.
No page unturned (Silver): Complete the final glitched memory.
Templar then; Templar now (Gold): Complete the game.
Achieve full synchronization (Silver): Achieve 100% synchronization in all main missions.
Capture all Gang HQs (Silver): Capture all Gang HQs.
Stalker killer (Bronze): Counter-Kill 30 Stalkers.
Property Tycoon (Bronze): Complete all renovations.
Dedicated Employee (Bronze): Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges.
Phantom Queen (Silver): Fully Upgrade the Morrigan.
Camper (Bronze): Loot 20 supply camps.
What’s yours is mine (Bronze): Loot 20 ship convoys.
Do not want (Bronze): Counter 20 smoke bombs successfully using a gas mask.
Repairman (Bronze): Repair all computers in Abstergo Entertainment.
Cartographer (Bronze): Visit every location in the game.
Ancient Hero (Silver): Get the Native Armor.
Knight of Yore (Silver): Get the Templar Armor.
Globe Trotter (Bronze): Complete 17 story missions in the Naval Campaign.
Memory collector (Bronze): Collect all animus fragments.
Owned (Bronze): Complete every activity in a single location.
For the Empire! (Silver): Capture all forts.
I’ll take that (Bronze): Capture all settlements.
Master of the North Atlantic (Gold): All legendary battles completed.
Smashing (Bronze): Destroy 100 Ice bergs.
Ice Breaker (Bronze): Break through 500 meters of Ice Sheets.
Freedom fighter (Bronze): Free 300 British Prisoners of War.
Unicorn Slayer (Bronze): Harpoon a Narwhal.
Defence First (Bronze): Survive a Reverse-Boarding.
Denied (Bronze): Counter 15 air surprise attacks.
King of the Hill (Silver): Complete all Native hills and Ice Caves.
Ninja (Bronze): Complete an Outpost without getting detected.
Instant Vikings (Bronze): Hit 5 enemies with a berserk grenade at the same time.
Nap time (Bronze): Put 5 enemies to sleep with a sleep grenade at the same time.
This war of mine (Silver): Complete all assassin interceptions.
Hunt the hunted (Bronze): Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying while only the HUNTED cheat is active.
I ENDURE (Bronze): Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying while only the ENDURANCE cheat is active.
Supplier (Silver): Take over 10 large supply camps while only the VETERANS cheat is active.
Killing Machine (Silver): Kill 30 guards without dying while only the ENDURANCE cheat is active.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

Did I do that? (Bronze): Complete Present 1.
He’s not dead, is he? (Bronze): Complete Present 2.
A worthy cause (Bronze): Complete Present 3.
Sending a message (Bronze): Complete Present 4.


How do you get more power in Assassin’s Creed Rogue?
To gain more power within the game seek out and hunt materials to increase your efficiency and power. 

What is the official Assassin’s Creed Rogue game guide?
The official Assassin’s Creed Rogue game guide is a 240-page book released with Assassin’s Creed Rogue.

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