Fall’s End (Dutch)

Fall's End (Dutch)

The liberation of Fall's End is the first mission pitched to you by Dutch when you get off the island

If it's one you have your heart set on, be sure to do it early. Otherwise, sometime between your first and second Resistance point with John, you'll get a radio call from Mary May Fairgrave saying that Fall's End has gone and liberated itself.

Even if does, you should still stop by to talk to the locals, and hear their mission pitches. There's also a book of fishing locations in the bait shop, and the Clutch Nixon Stunt Map in the Spread Eagle.

If you do hit Fall's End early, you'll find it infested with about ten hostiles, including one VIP. One simple strategy to is bust through town in truck, and run over anyone in the road.

Plow right through, then exit the vehicle a few hundred yards out, and start picking off the riled-up cultists.

Pick your way to the garage, and climb up to the roof, which you can use to take out the sniper on bait shop.

Use the same vantage to take out any hostile survivors below. As their numbers dwindle, they'll call for air support. Turn south and man the machine gun there.

It really doesn't take much fire to down the plane, just watch out for dropped bombs.

Scragging the plane completes the mission, and liberates Fall's End.

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