Patriot Acts (Willis Huntley)

Patriot Acts (Willis Huntley) Side Mission

Fan unfavorite Willis Huntley can be found south of Rae Rae's pumpkin farm. You may get a tip-off from a civvie talking about someone naming the fifty states in order of patriotism.

Look for him on a scenic overlook, yammering into his cellphone.

Speak with him to unlock the Patriot Acts side mission. Note that the wingsuit can be helpful in this mission, but is not required.

Get into Willis' car when he asks, and he'll drive you to little hilltop chateau. Kill everyone there.

Sniping from the rock face slightly to your right works well- it's steep and jagged enough to you can easily duck out of sight. As ever, priortize outlying guards and keen-eyed snipers as targets.

If things do get loud, Willis will actually back you up, which is… unexpected. Note also that hostiles which flee the area don't need to be hunted down- once they're out of range, the location counts as secure. When all enemies have been accounted for, speak to Willis inside.

A helicopter will take off, and you need to tail it. You can use the wingsuit, but if you haven't ponied up those Perk points yet, dash to the ATV south of the building, and down a small cliff.

Don't be afraid to go off-road in pursuit- this first leg is pretty mild. Do try to avoid collisions with rocks & larger trees- you'll have to back up to get around them, and it's major time-killer.

Very soon the helicopter will land and pick someone up at a small house. Lay low while this is happening- getting spotted will fail the mission.

Once the suspect's aboard, resume the chase. You can use the same atv, or there's a fresh one just south of the house, past the truck.

This leg of the chase is little trickier. Keep after the 'copter through dead reckoning. This will take you off road, but there are jumps conveniently placed on the route. The first one is handily marked by a campfire.

The next is unlit, but is much broader.

After that jump, the road will follow the copter pretty closely. Just maintain speed and it will soon land to your left, across from some sort of pig farm.

Secure the area. You can use the helicopter itself as cover for stealth kill on the the VIP. Just remember that the copter is extremely explodable- do not use it for cover if shots start flying.

There are only about four hostiles (barring wandering patrols). Clear them, then search the area for the bunker. You'll find the entrance below a mounted bass, in the shed out back.

Open the bunker and loot the place throughly. There's some good regular loot, as well as a perk magazine. One same set of shelves is your quest goal- the VHS tape (how quaint).

Grab the tape and reconvene with Willis up top. He'll screw you over (huge surprise there), but you still get a modest cash & RP reward, plus a weapon skin.

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