Gardenview Packing Facility (John)

Gardenview Packing Facility

An outpost just west of Rae Rae's, in John territory.

A safe but stealthy approach is to come in from the back, and snipe targets of opportunity. Your main choice here is going to be when to kill the sniper on the roof. Snipe him first, and his tumbling body will almost certainly raise the alarm. It's better to keep picking off folks at ground level, then either climbing to the roof for a takedown, or sniping him if he stats to get suspicious.

There are seven hostiles here on regular difficulty- take them all out to liberate the outpost. To remain undetected, especially early on in the game, fade back to the woods when things get frenzied, then start picking people off again when they split up to look for you. As on Dutch's island, completing the outpost undetected wins you another $1,000.

Once liberated, you can talk to a guy in the middle of the complex for the Bear Necessities side mission.

There's also a safe here, but you'll need a key to get it. Look for that key in the market stall out front- it's on the end of the green-covered table.

Use this to open the locked door in the main building.

here you'll find some minor lootables, and the safe, which contains the silver bars found at every outpost.

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