The FANG Center (Jacob)

The Fang Center (Jacob)

A central location, and enemy-held outpost in Jacob's Region.

Every outpost is a sniper's paradise, but the many roofwalkers here make precision distance-murder even more important than usual.

Use the forested ridge to pick off hostiles when they charge out. Watch for VIP's, who may take a few extra shots to knock down. Thee will always be few lingerers that start entrenched inside the complex- if you don't want to hunt them down yourself, use companions. Grace's rifle can hit all of those hard-to-reach places, and Peaches is good here because the enemies will generally not have line-of-sight on each other in the endgame.

Exterminate them all to complete the location.

There's a collectible baseball card in the front office.

There's also a map by the cash register, and the usual safe with silver bars.

Talk to the guy scrubbing the ex-trophy wall to get the 'A Right to Bear Arms,' quest, which will hook you up with local legend Cheeseburger.

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