Cheeseburger (Right to Bear Arms)

Cheeseburger (Right to Bear Arms)

Start this journey by liberating the FANG Center, a central location, and enemy-held outpost in Jacob's Region.

Every outpost is a sniper's paradise, but the many roofwalkers here make precision distance-murder even more important than usual.

Use the forested ridge to pick off hostiles when they charge out. Watch for VIP's, who may take a few extra shots to knock down. There will always be few lingerers that start entrenched inside the complex- if you don't want to hunt them down yourself, use your companions. Grace's rifle can hit all of those hard-to-reach places, and Peaches is good here because the enemies will generally not have line-of-sight on each other.

Exterminate them all to complete the location.

There's a collectible baseball card in the front office.

There's also a map by the cash register, and the usual safe with silver bars.

Talk to the guy scrubbing the ex-trophy wall to get the 'A Right to Bear Arms,' quest, which will hook you up with local legend Cheeseburger.

It's recommended you complete the Tools of the Trade mission, and start the Gone Fishin' mission before starting this one. Your first objective to catch a salmon, which is also an objective in the Gone Fishin' quest. Catch two fish with one hook (as it were), by following your marker to the perfect spot.

This is not a Hard spot, so use standard techniques to catch the one salmon required, though of course things will be easier if you invest in the second-tier fishing pole beforehand.

Take your salmon, raw and wriggling, to Linero Building supplies, out by Fort Drubman.

There is a mild enemy presence here- a VIP and hangers-on. Take them out.

You may also want to check the office trailer for an arcade poster and a collectible crate o' vinyl records.

There's also a Paddlefish Sturgeon fishing magazine on top of the water tower, which you should keep in mind for a sniper perch in a minute.

When ready, follow your marker to Cheesburger. As you get close, you'll enter a cutscene in which the salmon is rendered unto Cheeseburger.

After, truckloads off enemies will start pouring in, including more VIPs.

Cheeseburger has a way of commanding attention, so just continue to mow down hostiles in their distraction. This also a good time to practice some more advanced takedown skills.

When all fourteen or so hostiles have been dispatched, you'll unlock Cheeseburger as a companion, and complete the mission.

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