Mission 02 – Time For An Upgrade



MISSION 02 – Time For An Upgrade

Mission area: Baia


The start point for this mission is about twenty meters that-a-way from where you finished the last one. Trigger it and you'll meet up with Dimah, the rather strange rebel scientist responsible for creating your grappling hook. From the top of the stone wall where you end up when the scene ends, you'll be learning to perform grapple-chute jumps. These are useful for covering ground and increasing your height. The idea is to initiate a grapple using RB, then when you start to move press A to open your parachute to lift yourself upwards and continue your forward momentum (albiet slightly slower). Waiting until just before you connect with the object you are grappling to open your chute will give you the most speed and distance.


Use this ability to follow the series of broken pillars leading to Dimah's location. When you get near, a scene will take over. When it ends you'll be facing a base you need to take over with rebel forces watching. This is where the game will inform you about your ability to tether objects together. To do this, aim at a target (anything from a small crate to a giant fuel tank) and hold LB. This will launch the starting tether. Aim at the second object and release LB to fire the second half of the tether and force the two objects to spring together (most useful in combining destructible structures or objects with explosives).



Your job here at the base is to take out each of the seven fuel tanks by tethering the nearby explosive barrels to them. Generally the barrels will blow up by themselves when they impact the fuel tanks, but you may need to shoot them if they don't. Just be careful not to get too close as the explosions are fairly big. When the final tank falls, the settlement will be under the control of the rebels and Dimah will want you to meet her on a hill nearby. Grapple and run up to it to meet her there.


During the scene, you will be given the new wingsuit. This allows you to glide through the air when falling, letting you cover large distances and slow your descent when falling out of planes and the like. Got to love a game that commands you to 'jump off the cliff.' If everyone else was jumping off a cliff would you do it too? In Rico's case it appears, yes. After jumping press Y/ Triangle to deploy your wingsuit and use the left stick to adjust your rate of descent (you don't really want to slam into the bridge head first at 100km/h do you?). When you get close, press A/ X to open the parachute and land safely. If you miss the bridge, you always have your grappling hook.



Apparently Dimah also filled your pockets with explosives while she was putting the wingsuit on, so press D-pad down to equip them and press RB to plant them on the spots indicated on the bridge. With that done, a new objective marker will appear at the top of a nearby cliff-face. Grapple your way up to the top of it (hopefully you won't make the mistake of grappling to the side of a tree like I did), and move to the overlook at the top. Holding in the right stick will highlight and draw your view to important objects, like the incoming convoy about to cross the bridge.


When the convoy starts crossing the bridge, hold down RB to detonate the explosives and watch the bridge and vehicles drop into the waters below. After the explosion, Dimah will advise you of incoming helicopter reinforcements. Luckily, there are two nearby SAM sites that you can hack to easily take care of them. This is a timed section however, so you're going to need to hustle. grapple down the cliff to the first site across the road below and press Y/ Triangle to hack the device. When you're done, grapple and chute down the side of the hill to the second site and do the same thing to it. Push in the right stick to observe the incoming helicopters as they are blasted out of the sky.



After all this mayhem, you will be invited to dinner with Mario and his grandmother (of course). So you're going to need to grapple back up that hill you just went down. Grapple ever upwards towards the marker, hearing about how Mario's grandmother is getting more impatient until you arrive and a scene starts to play, ending the level.



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