Mission 21 – Bavarium On A Plane



MISSION 21 – Bavarium On A Plane

Mission area: Maestrale


Note: You are going to be taking on a large number of jets at close range with your regular weapons during this mission. This means you'll want to bring weapons with a lot of ammo that work at close-mid range (such as an LMG and dual SMGs) as well as a homing RPG special weapon or sniper rifle to make things easier on yourself (you can pick up a sniper rifle at the start of this mission if you don't have something better).


After Sheldon's abrupt subject change during the cut-scene, you'll be the designated driver for the little crew. Observe the weapon drop beside you when you start as you can pick up a sniper rifle here (take this or a special weapon with lock-on capabilities). Hop into the four wheel drive and start tearing down the road because you've got a flight to catch. It's a pretty lazy drive with little in the way of sharp corners. As you get close to the runway with the plane pulling away from you it's go time.



Floor the accelerator and swerve around and/ or between the enemy trucks that pull out onto the runway to stop you. Even just touching one of these trucks will slow you down severely, likely making you miss the escaping plane, so take the extra second to avoid them completely if you can. When you get close to the plane, guide your car onto the ramp and race inside to trigger a scene.


 After you regain control in the cargo bay, quickly bring down the pair of soldiers on the walkway in front of you (on the other side of your car) and walk up to where they were standing. Just don't keep shooting after they are dead as you will actually damage the plane you're trying to keep in one piece (whoops). A marker will appear in a nearby door that lets you access the roof when you press Y/ Triangle near it. After the transition you'll be standing on top of the plane. Turn towards the back of the plane to see incoming jets headed your way. Now these are actually fairly easy to take down, but you need to be thorough and make sure you get rid of each wave fully or else the surviving jets will damage the cargo plane. Which is bad, obviously. Why? There's a great big bomb aboard.



The jets will always move into a set position for a certain amount of time before attacking. Think of it like the symbol for 5 on a dice (or die if you want to be pedantic) with the cargo plane being the dot in the center and the jets being the four dots on the outside. Two will be above the cargo plane and two below. Your job is to unload your LMG, SMGs and special weapons into the jets to destroy them. After taking out enough jets, the bomb in the plane will become unstable and a timer will appear below the cargo planes health bar.


When it does, stop your aerial vehicle slaughtering rampage and descend back through the hatch into the cargo bay. The bomb has been loaded into the car you drove onto the plane, so you'll need to get into the driver seat and drive it off the ramp and into the open sky. Eject from the vehicle (or the game should do it for you if you don't in time) and watch the scenes play out as the mission ends. Another victory for the rebellion.



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