Mission 23 – Bavarium Blackout



MISSION 23 – Bavarium Blackout

Mission area: Grande Pastura
Prerequisites: Liberate 3 provinces in Insula Striate


And it's on to the final FOW installation. Yay! Anyone else get worried about Rico's cockiness during the opening scene of the mission? Well, don't worry. There's no major jump in enemy defenses for the last FOW complex. As usual start following the pipes that snake their way up the side of the mountain. Use your grapple and chute combination to float up the almost sheer cliffs towards the huge central command facility at the top. The pipes will end at a hatch in the ground just before you reach the walls of the huge facility. Wait for Dimah the door-person to open it up and then drop down into the FOW complex below.


A decent sized squad of soldiers will be waiting at the base of the ramp and in the next room so be prepared for a firefight when you land. Despite most of them being armoured, there aren't any special ops soldiers here that dodge around so you should be able to chew through them with your grenades and two handed weapon. When the initial area is clear, descend the ramp and open the doorway to the next room using the marked control panel. Bingo, you're at the FOW power core. Gee, short trip wasn't it. Unload your GE-64 bombs and other explosives if you wish to turn it into wreckage.



After the inevitable explosion, a circular hatch in the wall nearby will be opened by Dimah. Grapple into the waterlogged tunnel and swim/ grapple your way out to the open air once more. Mission complete agents!



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