Achievement Guide


Story Achievements

These are granted by completing the story missions, and cannot be missed.

  • 404: Xandar Not Found
  • No More Tomorrows
  • None Shall Pass
  • The Klaws are Out
  • Live and Let Fly
  • Circus of Crime. Doesn't Pay
  • Ash-gard
  • Searching the Sanctum
  • A Bridge too Noir
  • How Now Shou-Lao
  • Carnom-Nom-Nom-Nom
  • Once, Twice, Kree Times a Sentry
  • A Family Feud
  • Hala from the other side
  • He's a friend from work
  • Commotion in the Ocean
  • I want my Mummy
  • EGO the LEGO Planet
  • By a Horse's Hair…
  • Kang's for the Memories
  • Kang, the Conquered


Feat Achievements

These are granted for doing things.

A Hero's Job is Never Easy – Rescue every Stan Lee in the game. There's one in every mission, including the Gwenpool missions, plus another 20 scattered throughout Chronopolis (they'll be marked with Stan's face on the map). See our area and mission guides for details on any given Stan.

Don't Stop, Believer! – Obtain True Believer in every level. This is most easily obtained by purchasing the stud-multiplier bricks from Gwenpool. Three or four of those, and it's nigh impossible not to get this achievement.

Challenge Accepted – Complete 10 challenges in Chronopolis. They're pretty much everywhere, but activating the map console in each area is the easiest way to spot available challenges. There are far more than 10 to choose from

Journey Through Time and Space – Complete all quests in Chronopolis

Time Waits For No Kang – Complete all races in Chronopolis. This does not include races-that-are-actually-side-quests, like Speedy Specter or the English acrobatics race.

Hello World! – Collect Gwenpool. Do this by completing all 10 Gwenpool Missions (you do not need to 100% each one, just beat the story mode).

Operation Rebirth: Create a custom hero (or villain) using the Customizer. Several side quests require you to do this, and even entering the Customizer and immediately exiting will trigger this achievement.

Celestial Selfie: Grab a Selfie with Eson during the final boss fight in 'No Eson of Mine.' Iron Man, Kamala, and Spiderman are early-game characters that all have cameras.

Dancing in the Moon-Knight: Using Starlord (or another music-making minifig), get five NPCs to dance along with you. One of the easiest place to do this is Xandar- even if you can't find a cluster of five people (and you probably can), enough people are idly wandering around that more will join your dance party as you wait. Hit five to unlock this achievement.



Collection Achievments

Achievements for getting all of something

'Nuff Said: Witness the 100% Lego stud fountain. When you've gotten 100%, return to the trophy room and pull the lever there to dispense balloons, and a massive amount of blue and gold studs. Of course, if you've gotten 100%, you probably don't have much left to spend them on, but it's the thought that counts.


The Inhabitants of Chronopolis: Purchase all characters *and* all vehicles

Comic Book Collector: For this one you'll need to get 100% on all the story missions, then view the associated minicomics inside the Trophy Room.

Another Gold Brick in the Wall: Claim all gold bricks. This means getting completion on all missions, and, and completing all puzzles and Stan rescues on the world map.



Smashing Enemies Achievements

'Tis but a scratch! Defeat 30 enemies using the Black Knight (Nathan Garret)

Are You Not Entertained Destroy 100 enemies as Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok)

These are quicker to get than you might think, but if you want to take care of them in a swoop, replaying the Out of Time mission has several opportunities for endless goon attacks.

Road Rage 2: Smash 100 cars: You can pick this up as you go. If you're already at the end game, you can always find wrecks along the Sakaar road into Asgard, and there's plenty of traffic out front of Nueva York for running up your count. Likewise, if you just stand in the middle of any road for a minute or two, you usually get a long line of pre-smashees.

Multiplayer Achievement

Grandmaster Greetings: Play 'Capture the Infinity Stone' in 'Grandmaster Mode.' Multiplayer is accessible through the menu, or in the basement of Avengers mansion, stage right of the comms room. You don't actually need another player- CPU matches count. Complete any match of 'Capture the Infinity Stone' to win this achievement.


Party Composition Achievements

Achievements for having certain characters in your party

Dog Meet Dog: Have Cosmo and Lockjaw in a party. Lockjaw you'll get automatically during story mode, Cosmo you can unlock by doing his Fetch! quest (a-heh) after Knowhere becomes available as a location.

Monster Squad: Have Morbius, Cap-Wolf, Triton, and the Living Mummy in a party. Triton is earned during the Inhuman Nature story quest, Cap-Wolf from a Medieval England sidequest, and the other other two from sidequests available only after completing 'I Sphinx We Have a Problem.'

Fin Fang Fanboy: After recruiting Triple-F in Sakaar, use him in Free-Play mode for the the Gwenpool Mission 'Defying Conventions' (which you can access by doing side quests for Howard the Duck and Forbush Man in Manhattan).

We Are Groot: Have small and large Groots in your party at once.

Bicentennial Battles: Have more than one Captain America in your party.

Council of Kangs: Have at least 2 Kangs in a party

Back to where it all began: Have Kang in your party while visiting Ancient Egypt in Chronopolis.

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