The 3 Friday Night Funkin Best Mods You Should Try Today

Friday Night Funkin'

The 3 Friday Night Funkin Best Mods You Should Try Today

Due to Friday Night Funkin’ being an open-source game, fans can easily create their own mods and versions. Not only does this add to the game’s catalog of songs and characters to battle against, but it also adds a level of polish. Most mods try replicating the game’s graphics, textures, movement, etc. But each mod for Friday Night Funkin’ feels like its own DLC expansion. 

While the original game provides a unique gameplay loop and memorable moments, the best way to experience Friday Night Funkin’ is to explore its many mod options. Most mods can be found online for free and be played in your browser. This review will break down some of the best mods available right now.      

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1. Indie Cross

Indie Cross takes inspiration from three major iconic indie game characters: Cuphead, Bendy, and Sans. These three characters will be your opponent for each week, along with some others, once you progress. The mod features cutscenes, voice-overs, and music. Indie Cross is one of the more well-known mods for the game, as its level of polish and difficulty are unmatched.

The biggest draw to this mod is its unique gameplay mechanics. Each level has new ways of playing, depending on which game and character you are on. While battling against Cuphead, players will be able to fill up their Super Meter and unleash a powerful attack or parry pink notes. Both of these features are initially from Cuphead. While battling Sans, players can choose one of two paths: Pacifist or Genocide. Both paths will have to be completed for players who want a complete ending, but each one unlocks different bonus songs and changes the final battle song.      

The mod also features a Nightmare mode which is purely for players who feel like testing their limits. Each week and the boss will have to be defeated on Hard mode before Nightmare mode unlocks.

While the soundtrack and rhymes are impressive, novice and intermediate players may struggle to keep up with the ramping difficulty. If you are a Cuphead, Undertale, or Bendy and the Ink Machine fan, this mod is a must-play.      

2. Nonsensical Friday Night

Nonsensical Friday Night is a comedy mod that features Boyfriend battling against Nonsense. Nonsense is the persona of the creator of the mod. The main draw to this mod is the multiple ending paths and comedic battles that take place. Sometimes you’ll be placed in unwinnable battles. No matter how hard you try, you cannot win. Or Nonsense will play complex and intricate notes at lightning speed, only for the player to press one or two notes on their turn. 

The mod also tracks your accuracy; depending on your percentage, different paths and endings will happen. It was also developed with mechanics designed to mess with the player. The game will crash if “Crash Notes” appear on the screen and the player hits them.

Overall, this mod is for people who want a challenge but are mainly looking for a good time. Some mechanics can be annoying to some, but the best way to experience this game is to have no expectations and take it at face value. The mod will mess with you, but that’s the fun of it.   

3. Friday Night Funkin’ D-Sides

Friday Night Funkin’ D-Sides is a mod that combines the original game, community mods, and music into one package. This is the most extensive mod on this list and for good reason. Not only has an incredible amount of work been put into this project, but the amount of lore available is overwhelming. And that’s one of the main features of this mod, the developers provide a story and background to every character. This can be seen on the sub-Reddit page for Friday Night Funkin’, where fans have gathered all the lore into one location.

Besides that, the mod offers a large variety of gameplay mechanics, including fight notes, distortion cycles, rewind timers, and ice notes, to name a few. The game also features stunning artwork and animation on par with professional studios. This mod is highly recommended for players who want to get into the story side of Friday Night Funkin’ while also having a new and exciting experience. 


Friday Night Funkin’ has been in the development of creating a full title. Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game has not yet received a release date. It is expected, by fans, to be released a few years down the road. Due to the success of the Kickstarter fundraiser, the team has promised multiple features, including new gameplay mechanics, cutscenes, two-player mode, online leaderboards, and more.

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