Pharoah’s Tomb Puzzle

Pharoah's Tomb Puzzle

Unlock the Pharoah's tomb Pyramid with the Chi-Dragon out front.

Inside, there are three laser-like beams of light, and three sensors. The two beams on the sides of the room are easy- use the cranks on the base of each mirror to aim the beam. Each beam will bounce off a mirror on the other side of the room, before bouncing back to the sensor on the same side as the source.

The final effect is a little like shoelaces. The odd one out is the center beam- start solving this by melting the gold items upstage left, and cutting through the gold panel.

Use the pieces to fix the trackball port, and use the track ball port to raise a central mirror. This should activate the final sensor.

Grab the brick from the end of the room.

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