Cloud Meadow Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Farming in Cloud Meadow.

Cloud Meadow Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Cloud Meadow is an 18+ indie farming and dungeon-crawling video game designed specifically for mature audiences. Currently, the game is being developed by Team Nimbus and is in Early Access. Cloud Meadow combines the genres of strategy and turn-based gaming and includes a blend of farming simulators, role-playing games, and even visual novels. In this feature, we will explore the game that is Cloud Meadow along with the potential cheats that you might want to enter into new content. It is worth reiterating that this game features adult content and continuing to read further should take note of this fact.

Cloud Meadow Premise

In Cloud Meadow, you take on the role of a Frontiersman, tasked with establishing a settlement in a vibrant world filled with a diverse array of exotic characters. Initially, players start by developing a farm, engaging in breeding, and improving their social life. However, success is not that simple, as there are imminent threats. Poachers and other selfish individuals who exploit the ecosystem for their gain are threatening the peaceful wilds of the frontiers. As a defender of the world, players need to join forces with their monster allies to stand against these harmful actions.

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Cloud Meadow takes place in a magical world full of diverse creatures, including the likes of ogres and demons. This game puts players in a mix of situations. These can vary from close encounters that involve anything from a variety of mature content and experiences to making important choices about farming and fighting. Being quick-witted and creative with strategies is just as crucial as maintaining good relationships with others. The game provides a single-player campaign and group-play options.

Map of Cloverton in Cloud Meadow.
The town of Cloverton is the main stage in the game.

©A screenshot for Cloud Meadow. – Original

Cloud Meadow Characters

Cloud Meadow brings along dozens of characters that have a huge variety of social statuses and complex relationships. The players play two gendered versions of the same protagonist and meet various characters along the adventures. The game features over 40 characters in the small but vibrant town of Cloverton at the edge of the frontier. In addition to Cloverton, there are also non-player characters in other parts of the land, enemy characters, and seasonal characters.

As the main environment of the game, Cloverton features customs members, merchants, employees of the Monarch Inn, town guards, mysterious wizards, regular residents, characters from other parts of the world, and visiting merchants. Here are some of those characters:

  • Eve/Evan: The Protagonist, named Eve or Evan based on player-selected gender, is the central character in Cloud Meadow. This character navigates a multifaceted role, managing farm responsibilities while also recruiting companions for both dungeon exploration and farming tasks. If the player chooses to focus primarily on either farming or combat, Seiger and Jubelle, assume the duties the Protagonist does not.
  • Jubelle: A female dog, who serves as the Operations Director of Cloverton. In her role, she provides guidance and tutorials for players navigating the game. New players seeking help with game mechanics and events can rely on Jubelle. She can be seen wielding a feather sword from a harpy she defeated.
  • Sieger: As a human male, Sieger holds the position of Guard Commander. Thus, he maintains order and safety in Cloverton and across the entire Frontier Town, serving as the bedrock of security for the community.
  • Birma: A human woman who brings her culinary skills to the community as the local baker, selling bread to players. She is also known for her marital ties to Clodagh. 
  • Yonten: A male yeti with a past as the town sheriff. He now utilizes his experiences in service to run the General Store with his grandmother, offering a range of food items and wearable goods to players. In addition to shopkeeping, Yonten also is capable of ice magic, which can prove devastating in a confrontation.
  • Camellia: A female of an unknown species, she brings some mystery to the game as the owner of the Monarch Inn. Monarch Inn is a thriving ecosystem with a variety of non-player characters.
  • Brontide: A male drake, Brontide commands respect as the captain of the Union Outpost. He also shares a strong bond with his twin brother, Goldra. Additionally, Brontide is an offensive tank that can deal devastating damage.
  • Giev: A genderless wizard, Giev inhabits the Wizard’s Tower in Cloverton. Giev offers players the opportunity to expand their Homestead for more plots at the cost of specific in-game resources. To escape dungeons, players can buy Echo Stones from Giev.
  • Jerikan: A male daruma and savvy merchant. Jerikan offers players a variety of already-hatched monsters, complete with default or basic stats, the occasional extra attribute, and randomized names.
  • Garst: As a male spirit and a soldier from a bygone era, Garst becomes a resident at the player’s Homestead early in the main quest line, adding a touch of historical flavor to the player’s experience. In terms of fighting, Garst is considered a sustain tank with a focus on the ability to keep himself and the rest of the party alive.
Monarch Inn in Cloud Meadow.
The Inn has various characters in Cloud Meadow.

©A screenshot for Cloud Meadow. – Original

Cloud Meadow Cheat Codes

To redeem your codes in Cloud Meadow, start by launching the game on your device. Next, open the Options. If you are in the game, just simply press Escape (ESC) on the keyboard. Head to the section called Gameplay Cheats. Here you can enter the codes for gameplay cheats. If you’d like to add album codes, head instead to Albums from the home screen. There you can add album codes in the bottom right corner of the game to access the albums.

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However, do note that the cheat code availability varies depending on the version of the game. The codes can also expire, so add them as soon as you can.

Cheat codeDescription
Money Money MoneyMoneyCode
Mop DivaUnlockAllCode
Scribble OwlUnlockAllCode
Sprites Sprites EverywhereUnlockAllCode
Take Me To FightCombatCode
What Is DamageGodMode
Soothing SutrasAlbum code: v0.1.1.0k
BBQ SharkMarch Code
Crabby Cheerv0.1.1.2 – Album Code
Crabby Cheerv0.1.1.1c – Album Code
Dancing DragonessGallery Code
Dragon Snaxv0.1.1.2h – Album Code
Music Reviewv0.1.2.7 – Album Code
Sizzling Hot Ogrev0.1.2.1e – Album Code
Soothing Sutrasv0.1.1.1b – Album Code
Soothing Sutrasv0.1.1.1 – Album Code
Strict Bunchv0.1.2.6k – Album Code
Washboard Abs v0.1.1.0b Old codes


Is Cloud Meadow suitable for everyone?

The game is rated for adults, typically 18 years and older, due to its explicit sexual content. It is an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) game and includes elements of erotica and mature themes. It’s important to note that players should be of legal age in their respective regions to play such games. Always check the specific content warnings and age ratings before playing.

When does Cloud Meadow Early Access end?

The game was released in Steam Early Access on March 3, 2023. The developer Team Nimbus has informed the public that they hope the game will be ready to exit Early Access in early 2025. However, the game is currently playable with improvements and new features on the way during the Early Access period.

What are the system requirements for Cloud Meadow?

Cloud Meadow system requirements from the developed offer insight only into minimum requirements. The system should have at least 4 GB of RAM, a graphics card of Intel HD 4000 standing or better, a processor like the Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867 or better, and at least 15 gigabytes of empty storage capacity. In terms of operating systems, Cloud Meadow will run on PC systems with Windows 7 or newer.

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