Hala, is it Kree You’re Looking For? Collectibles

Hala, is it Kree You're Looking For? Collectibles

True Believer: 80,000 Studs

Secret Character: Inferno In the the first room, upsatge left, is a marvel vent in front of the tunnel control lever.

This takes you to the little area under the lever. Go stage left to snag the Inferno token.

Stan Lee: Use the console just upstage from where Stan is being electrocuted.

Solve the number puzzle by making sure that the first two numbers in each row/column add up to the final number in that row/column.

Getting the correct configuration instantly frees Stan.

Minikits (1)

Stage left in the opening area there are three blue-and-orange crates. Telekinect them into the nearby hopper for the pieces to a minikit.

(2) Destroy five silver Ronan statues. They are all in the first two rooms- none in the the final fight chamber. One is upstage and left of the laser tunnel, near the shimmering crates.

One is just above that, at the top of the jump ladder.

One is downstage right, by the orange spinny wheel.

Stage right in the room with the amplfier.

Stage left of the door leading to the fight. You'll have to drop the energy barrier to get to it.

(3) Downstage right is an orange spinny wheel.

The two pressure plates in front pause/release the wheels. Time your presses so that both wheel together form a horizontal line.

Pull the grapple-loop that appears to get a minikit.

(4) Above the laser-tunnel entrance is a gray crate, with wires leading left and right to two high levers.

Using acrobatic characters, hang a minifig from each lever.

Fly up to grab your minikit.

(5) Run the hackable lazer maze just left of the laser tunnel entrance.

This turns the nearest segment of the tunnel, revealing a gold panel. Heat beam it.

Fly up to claim your 'kit.

(6) Once through the laser tunnel, douse the flaming brazier dead ahead.

Use the resulting pieces to build a minikit.

(7) Blast away the debris stage left in front of the glowing forcewall to reveal a trackball port.

Roll left-right to guide the ball all the way to the bottom.

The key is hit each brass stopper to gain access to the next lever. The trickiest one is the middle- Roll the ball in from the right side, then straighten the maze just as it's going over the blue flippers.

Guide the ball all the way through to reveal your kit.

(8)Find one kit hidden behind the amplifier itself.

(9) After using the amplifier for the first time, note the minikit trapped in rubble stage right. Dig it out to claim it.

(10) Melt the gold bar atop the shutters stage-right of the door to the final fight (you'll have to drop the energy barrier to get there).

Fly up to get your kit.

Do all this to complete the level.

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