I Sphinx We Have a Problem Collectibles

I Sphinx We Have a Problem Collectibles

True Believer : 105,000

Hidden Character: The Ancient One

Clear and enter the marvel vent upstage in the first chamber.

Use the console in front of the maze table to tilt the whitish ball to the red square in the center. Don't worry about the character token yet, just focus on getting to the exit. Once the ball drops out, the table becomes accessible to tiny chracters. Send one in to snag the Ancient One token.

Stan Lee: Stan is manacled inside a small boat, covered with spiders, deep inside a forgotten tomb- his creepiest predicament yet. Find him in the upstage leftish corner of the maze room.

Use telekinesis to place the three figurines on their pedestals. There's a sort of invisible barrier at the water's edge- raise them high to get over it, then snap them into place.

This will account for the jumping spiders- torch away the gold bars to free Stan himself.


(1) There are three Hulk-Handled sarcophagi with giant scorpions inside. Killing all three earns a kit. The first is upstage in the starting chamber, left of the marvel vent.

The next is the corner past the slidey-tile throne that Hulk and Cap initially push down to help the others.

The last is past the quicksand, in the same passage as the giant hourglass. Note that, weirdly, the scorpion inside the Hulk-Handled coffin may escape early. Killing it triggers your minikit acquisition, even the coffin itself hasn't been opened yet.

(2) In that same maze chamber, use sonics to destroy the glass candlesticks just left of the vent.

This gives you the pieces to build a kit.

(3) Also in the maze room, upstage rightish, turn back time for the large bottle-like assembly to get the pieces for an electro port.

Build it, then turn time forward to create a makeshift lightbulb. Charge the port to light it, and take the minikit from the remains.

(4) Still in the mazeroom, destroy the shelfy-looking bit of furniture in the goo-puddle downstage right.

This reveals a cracked wall. Smash through that to reveal the minikit.

(5) In the dirt pile by the first Cap Shield tile in the level, you can find the pieces for a minikit

(6) In the quicksand passage with the large square ledges, note the pull-looped panel in the middle, and pull it open.

This can be a surprisingly tricky 'kit to reach. A good strategy is to use a character with the float ability, like Gwenpool, to glide over to it.

(7) Just before entering the final room, there's a clue marker slightly right of the door.

Follow the trail to dig up the pieces for a grav booster.

Use this in turn to pull down the decoration on the lintel, for pieces to a minikit.

(8)In the final boss fight chamber, destroy the four silver panels to win a 'kit.

(9) There's a large bell-like thing over the stage right doorway.

Knock it down to reveal a 'kit.

(10) The first time the Mummy dives through the quicksand after his orb, then re-emerges, he'll blast a door stage left.

You have to smash this door as part of the story, but continue deeper down the passage to find the last minikit.

Doing all these things completes the level.

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