Inhuman Nature Collectibles

Inhuman Nature Collectibles

True Believer: 95,000

Stan Lee: In the main room, fly strait upward from the water tank. Destroy the non-human drone menacing to Stan to free him.

Hidden Character: Gorgon

Stealth past the camera door, stage right in the main room, to collect this character token.


(1) in the starting area, destroy the silver-locked upstage door.

Telekinect the doors open, then douse the flames inside.

Build the pieces that remain into a minikit.

(2) There are five Lockjaw Statues you can smash for a kit. They are-

In the main room,underneath the rightmost monitor screen.

Above the water tank, on the same platform as Stan Lee.

In the room with the slidey tiles.

And by the buzz-saw wall with he acrobatic pole, leaving the last one available via a teleporter downstage and center, if you've cleared all the junk away.

(3) In the same underground room as the last Lockjaw statue is a minikit that can be obtained by smashing its crate.

(4) In the room with the slidey tiles, run the lazer maze on the stage left wall to reveal a minikit.

(5) In the laser beam room, upper level stage left of the main room, look for the minikit floating high above the far button.

(6) In the upstage right corner of the boss battle room is a memory game, much like hexagon blitz. Step on the circles in the order they flash- do so for three rounds to win the the kit.

(7) Downstage left in the boss battle room is a minikit held in a forcefield, high on the wall. Even higher is a grapple loop- you can't target it manually, but walk nearby until you get a button prompt to pull it down.

Charge up the revealed electro port (Thors work well for this sort of aerial power-up) to dispense the kit.

(8) Extreme downstage left is a marvel vent obscured by crates.

Pass through, and magic/tk the central pillar here (standing a safe distance away from Maximus' rolling thunder style forward attacks).

A giant robot chicken (not the last you'll see in this game) appears and lays a silver egg. Blow it up to reveal a 'kit.

(9) Extreme downstage right, clear some debris to find a trackball interface.

Use it to open the circular indentation stage left, and reveal a minikit.

(10) During the antigravity dive to Maximus, near the end of the boss fight, the kit is floating near the second-to-last laser barrier. If you miss you have to play the whole level again, so veer slightly left and up, and try not to miss.

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