Bonus Mission 10: Poole Party

Bonus Mission 10 Poole Party

When you've completed the nine other bonus missions, fly to the top of Timely HQ to begin your final Gwenpool adventure.

There's a marvel vent near your starting point, but ignore it for now.

Instead, use Howard's bazooka to blow up the silver vending machine upstage left, by the blue & yellow windmill.

Build the pieces into a rotary crank, and turn the windmill.

This reveals a console on the windmill's base. Activate it to drop some pieces, and build those pieces into a Marvel platform.

Use Kamala with the platform. This gives you access to the cabana- smash everything inside, and then run the hackable lazer maze at the stage right end.

Use the pieces granted here to build a crank by the end of the pool.

Turn the crank to cover the pool. Use the pieces on the stage-left end of the pool to build some hulk handles, which you can immediately pull down.

Use the bazooka to target the silver chain on the neon sign in front of the waterfall.

Build these pieces into a giant slingshot, then have one of the grapple characters prime it.

The slingshot will go off on its own, ending the mission and unlocking Gwenpool for your roster (no purchase required!)

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