Bonus Mission 2: Collectibles

True Believer: 65,000 studs

Stan Lee:  In the rail-shooter section, play as normal until you reach the portion of Ancient Egypt when the cart spins around on the track, retracing its path. When this happens, be sure to shoot the pyramid on your right to elicit a laser beam.

Shoot the targeted rod near where the beam is aimed.

As the cart trundles forward, shoot the rod-with-a-paddle near the beam's current terminus. This bounces the laser one final time, and frees Stan Lee.

Hidden Character: Peggy Carter Get top marks (ie shoot nearly everything) in the rail-shooter sequence to unlock this token.

Pink Brick: In Free Play, select Kamala and make for the upstage left corner.

Hack the laser puzzle to the left, then enter the marvel vent. This will take you through some ductwork straight to the brick.

Completing all that completes the mission.

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