Bonus Mission 5: Toe-to-Totem

Bonus Mission #5 Toe-to-Totem

This one is unlocked after completing Rootin' Totem Good Time in Hala, then Once Upon a Totem in the Old West. Begin the mission outside the Saloon.

Inside, start by blasting apart the silver chests stage right. The debris can be built into a bucking bronco that you'll use in a minute.

Next, blow up the silver totem the same way. This reveals an clue point, which Red Wolf can investigate, following the tracks to a dig spot.

The pieces dug up can be assembled into a giant horn mechanism.

Stand on the pressure plate to summon Gwenpool,who rides in, shoots the place up, and rides out. One shot downs a chandelier that lands left of the horns. Assemble the bits to create a mini trampoline.

Acrobat your way up and across the scaffolding here.

Hanging from the final pole activates a Rube Goldberg machine that eventually douses the fire on the stairs, and releases more pieces. Use these pieces to build a little shooting gallery where the scaffolding used to be.

Use the gallery and shoot ten targets. Easy stuff, especially as there doesn't seem to be a time limit. Victory unlocks the Stud Attract pink brink.

Use the bucking bronco you built earlier to launch yourself up to the stage right balcony. Smash everything there.

Use the wreckage to build a rope loop for the totem, and use Kid Rawhide's lasso to pull it down.

The last totem on the stage left balcony already has loop. You should still smash everything for the studs, then pull this one down the same way.

This starts the Totem's stage show, but also gives you enough pieces down below to build a giant water cannon.

While you have it, you might as well use it to douse the burning piano stage right.

The revealed pieces can be used to build a crank for the piano. Turn the crank to free this level's Stan Lee.

Return to the cannon and keep the stream aimed at Totem. He'll go down after a few moments of sustained fire.

This leads to the cutscene that completes the mission.

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