Bonus Mission 9: Collectibles

True Believer:  ~45000 studs

Hidden Character: Adam Warlock

Smash the debris on a stage left bunk.

This will reveal a mixtape. As with the No Eson of Mine bonuses, telekinect the tape into the tape deck stage right for a reward.

Stan Lee It's a little hard to see, but there's a broken drone on the downstagemost part of the upper level, just behind the window ledge. Fix it and it will rescue Stan from outside.

Pink Brick: There are three electro ports that need to be charged in order. They're tagged with little numbers to help you along. The first is downstage left on the upper level.

The second is just upstage of the dance floor, on the lower level.

The last is far upstage right, back on the upper level.

This opens up the kinder egg with the pink brick.

Do everything above to complete the level.

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