Bonus Mission 9: Dance Off, Bro

Gwenpool Mission #9 Dance Off, Bro

Enter this mission from atop the Nova HQ building, after completing 'Prime Rib.'

Back aboard the Milano, activate the console upstage left.

Build the new pieces into a Cap Shield base, and have the Captain take his shot.

Build these pieces into a drum set, to get one-third of this party started.

Come all the way downstage, and smash the glowing blue canisters to the right.

Build pull-loops with the parts, and have Spidey go to work.

In the revealed puzzle, use a distance attack to hit each hub once, then the leftmost hub two more times, to connect up the power.

This lays the table for the second third of the party.

Step on the pressure plate to go downstairs, and use Groot on the Groot platform to summon Yondu's arrow for some crate smashing.

Build the pieces to pull-bars, and have one humanoid hang from each one.

This reveals a grav booster in the disco ball. Grav bomb it to reveal a sliding puzzle. When done, it'll look like this-

This gets you to three-thirds of a party, and completes the level

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