Landing Pad Puzzle

Landing Pad Puzzle

Find an unlit landing pad in the outer K'un-Lun corner of the Hydra Empire.

Use the two rotary cranks out front (the red ladders lead to them, if you don't want to fly), to expose two electrical ports (you will have to build one of the cranks from the parts of a nearby radiator).

Charge both ports to light the lights.

This isn't enough for Hydra Command, though. Smash the crates back at the building's top for some extra logo pieces.

Assemble these, and magic them into place, along with the legs that were just blown apart.

All that's missing is the skull- find one hanging off the back of the roof.

You'll have to levitate it onto the roof, then levitate it into place before the copter can land. When it does, beat up all the goons inside.

This earns you the brick.

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