Tentacle Sojourn

Tentacle Sojourn

In the seafloor beneath the central building in Lemuria, find a bouquet of giant sea tentacles.

Attack them (for some reason), and they'll retreat, sprouting on a high bluff (the camera will show you where).

Attack them again, then blow up the silvery boulder above to seal the hole.

Besides the original hole,there are three others left- one right by the the original, and two on the other side of the same building, by a large arch.

Yank down the arch itself to close one of these holes.

For the other, blow away the seaweed from the blue-and-gold seal on the side of the building, then magick or telekinetic the seal over the hole.

For the last hole, next to the original, heat-beam the gold seal off the wall.

Now the original hole is the only one the tentacle can flee to. Attack them one last time and they'll toss you a brick before fleeing the surface world forever.

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