Cosplaying Hooky

Cosplaying Hooky

Start this one by talking to Squirrel Girl at the base of the VR building in Manhattan.

Follow her along the city streets. You'll soon run into some AIM flunkies.

They don't have any special protection or weapons. Tear through them and journey on. You'll be ambushed by more AIM agents in an alley. Annihilate 'em.

You'll have one last fight on a ruined building by the water. This time they brought zombies, but lasers are very good against them (as are many other things).

Defeat them all to find a MODOK-alike trapped in a cage.

You'll need to interrogate local AIM agents for the password. As ever, they appear on your compass, and on the world map. The two rumours you need are the one about the guy using the name of his pet, and the one about the guy with a cat named Princess Snufflemeow. Return to Squirrel Girl with this intel to unlock the cage.

This also unlocks Squirrel Girl for your use.

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