AdVenture Capitalist Cheats & Cheat Codes

Title screen for AdVenture Capitalist.

AdVenture Capitalist Cheats & Cheat Codes

AdVenture Capitalist from Hyper Hippo gives players the satisfaction of earning insane amounts of money by doing little more than tapping a screen. Eventually, not even that! But while this simple game is popular for those looking for some very casual entertainment, there are also a few tricks you can use to make things go faster. Here’s everything you need to know!

AdVenture Capitalist Summary

Angel investor in AdVenture Capitalist.
Buy new businesses and clothes in AdVenture Capitalist.


This free to play game belongs to the incremental genre. With graphics vaguely reminiscent of Fallout, the gameplay loop is essentially, “Click to make the number get bigger.” AdVenture Capitalist is very upfront about its simplicity. It even advertises itself as a game you can play while playing other games, like during loading screens or between matches. As players progress, the game will start to manage itself when you aren’t playing it.

As with most incremental games, there are ways to pay to make everything go faster. However, it’s really not necessary and with the tricks we’ll go over below, there are plenty of ways to win without reaching for your wallet.

The game was first released for Android and compatible browsers back in 2014. Eventually it came to a variety of other devices, even the PlayStation 4. It received periodic updates for a few years after its release.

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AdVenture Capitalist Premise

You make money! No really, that’s about it…but the key is in how you make money, and what you do with it once you have it. The goal is to generate ludicrous numbers of dollars.

First, players start on Earth in charge of a lemonade stand. Tap or click the stand, and it will spit out dollars that represent sales. Hurray! Tap enough times to build up your income, and you can start purchasing multiple lemonade stands. Now, your tapping produces even more money, making the process more efficient.

Build up enough money, and the player will have the option to make bigger investments. These in turn can produce even higher numbers of dollars. Here, the ultimate goal is to make large enough investments that you need to pick “managers” to oversee the revenue coming from those investments. When players start adding managers, the game will continue to generate money based on its internal clock. That happens regardless if the player is in the game or if the game is online or not.

At this point, the players can play the waiting game if they want, but there’s still a lot to do. You can gain the attraction of angel investors, grow your holdings, and stack the dollars. You can also use your money to purchase a variety of in-game swag options so that your character lives a life of luxury. And sometimes this is important, too. Dressing your character in a certain way can give you bonuses to specific kinds of production or other advantages depending on your location and managers.

Then players can watch for special events and important achievements to get MegaBucks. This is a special type of currency that’s worth 1 decillion dollars. You can also get them from watching ads, but that’s the least fun option. Special events often occur around holidays, and are essentially little leagues where players start over. Here, they can earn MegaBucks for reaching various milestones. They typically last around a week. You can also compete with other players to see who makes money fastest, but that part is optional.

Either way, once players have reached 100 trillion dollars, they’ll have the ability to move to a new world and start investments there. They choose to start on either the Moon or Mars. The ultimate goal is to create financial empires on all three locations and make all the money ever. Yes, this would destroy a real economy, but there are more important things at stake in the game.

Off to the side of the core gameplay loop, there are in-game purchases to buy “gold.” This basically speeds some actions up, like getting angel investors. Again, this really isn’t necessary for any part of the game.

AdVenture Capitalist Main Characters

Manager screen in AdVenture Capitalist.
Quirky managers brighten up the gameplay.

At first glance, you may not think an incremental game like AdVenture Capitalist would have any main characters. But there’s an important exception for this game: The managers you choose to hire. Managers can make or break a playthrough depending on how players want to invest. Each has their own specialization, and a bit of personality to go along with it. They’re also all very clear pop culture references, from W.W. Heisenbird (specializing in car washes, of course) to Forest Trump and his shrimp boat.

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Each world has its own list of managers you can pick from. They understandably get more…bizarre as you progress. By the time you reach Mars, you’ll be able to recruit from an array of aliens (if you can afford them). It adds a bit of life into an otherwise rote experience.

Oh, and the big events will also have their own unique managers to tap into. This helps keeps things a bit more interesting when jumping into a league.

AdVenture Capitalist: Are There Any  Other Games in the Series?

…Sort of. While AdVenture Capitalist is essentially a standalone game, there was another title released in the same vein called AdVenture Communist. If you really can’t get enough taps and want to start a new adventure, you may want to give it a try.

AdVenture Capitalist Cheats and Codes

Investment options earning money in AdVenture Capitalist.
Picking your investments to start making money.

While AdVenture Capitalist is incredibly simple to play, you can help make your income increase. That includes using out-of-the-box methods. Let’s break down the details of these tricks and if there are any important differences between platforms.

Move Your Digital Clock Around

AdVenture Capitalist works by keeping track of how much real-world time has passed and processing activities that generate money. That’s how players can log in after a day of not playing and reap some cash benefits. Other activities are also time-gated. Notably, you can only get limited numbers of daily angel investors. You can then sacrifice to improve performance or utilize to increase your earnings every time you reset your game.

All this means that a bunch of power-ups depend on your device’s clock. So it’s no surprise that players quickly found out they could just change the clock. Exit out of the game, disconnect from the internet, and head to settings. Here, you can move your clock forward to automatically generate money once you log back in. You can also play a number of other time tricks. For example, you could set the year for 20 years ago, start a game, then fast-forward to the current date to make the game think years have passed and you’ve earned a lot of money.

Of course, this method works a lot better on some devices than others (it would be a pain on PS4, for example). And, you know, your clock wouldn’t tell the right time anymore, so you’d have to set everything back after heading online again. But it’s a viable option for dedicated devices and players who are feeling a little impatient. Just be sure to get all the managers you want first before trying this, or it won’t have the desired effect.

Move Frequently Between Businesses

It’s all about diversification, baby! The way that the various industries and managers work in AdVenture Capitalist means that investing in new businesses is a great way to maximize your results. In other words, when a new business becomes available it’s typically more profitable than the old businesses you started with earlier. Players willing to move on to different industries will see the results grow faster than those who stick with what they started.

That also means you can change the way you dress as you hop between industries to get the best results, adding boost onto boost to get cash fast.

Download a WeMod Solution

WeMod has put out a mode for AdVenture Capitalist if you’re playing on a compatible device like a PC. It’s a few years old by now, but still appears to function correctly. If you really want a big advantage, you can download this mod to act as a trainer, dramatically boosting all of your results. It’s the most direct “cheat” that AdVenture Capitalist has, and way to really speed through the game if that’s your final goal.

However, mods like this aren’t always reliable, and they can introduce major glitches into the game that may ruin your fun. It’s also a pain to see people using them in special events, which more or less ruins the point of rankings.

Visit the Developers and Watch Ads

We know we mentioned watching ads is a very boring way to play the game, but it’s also effective to earn larger amounts of currency. Do anything you can to get these freebies if you want to progress fast. That includes options to visit the developer website, and ways to watch any available ads, usually via a tv screen icon. Basically, do anything else the game asks you to do (besides pay money) in return for getting MegaBucks and other advantages. This will net you a lot of boosts you can use to fly through the earlier parts of the game. Always make sure your app is fully updated so you get access to all the latest ad deals while you’re playing.

AdVenture Capitalist Cheat FAQs

Below we’re going over several common questions people have about the game and what you should know.

What’s the Most Money You Can Have in AdVenture Capitalist?

Well, there’s no technical limit that’s easy for players to reach, which is why numbers can go so drastically high. However, if you start reaching numbers beyond 12 uncentillion of so, then the game may start glitching out on you. Plus, you’ll run out of things to buy! Don’t worry, that’s still lots of playtime to reach that point.

Does AdVenture Capitalist Ever Actually End?

No. You can keep amassing money forever. But at some point, you’ll have purchased whatever you want to buy on the planet of your choice. At that point, you can probably consider the game to be over, although you don’t have to stop playing.

Why Do I Need to Reset the Game Sometimes?

It’s because of the way angel investors work. Their bonuses over time only apply properly if you set them up and then reset the game. This gives the app the go-ahead to crunch numbers and apply the bonuses to your earnings. That makes it an important part of the gameplay…and it gives you a chance to take a break.

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  • An unmatched, immersive gameplay experience (THX 7.1 surround sound capable, detachable mic, and more)
  • Gel padding is incredibly comfortable across a wide range of head sizes

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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