Pictures for Parker

Pictures for Parker

Find May Parker in Central Park, in the corner nearest Liberty Island, by a snowman.

May will ask you to take a photo that includes the Sphinx, Kang's Tower, and Attilan. Completing this first photo-op unlocks May as a character, but there are many other pictures to take. Note that you can't take pictures while flying, hovering, or hanging from a web- you need to be on solid ground.

The easiest character to use for this is probably Iron Man, as both a camera operator and a flier. Tackle the first challenge by climbing or flying to the top of the Oscorp building. Make sure all three items are in the frame, and that each one has a set of green brackets around it.

When ready, snap your picture. If you still see brackets around the targets in camera, you didn't get everything the fist time, and need a better shot.

Return to May with this picture to unlock her as a character (if there's no white objective circle next to her, your photo didn't meet all requirements). This unlocks her minifig, but keep checking back for other objectives.

They are- the futuristic traffic cone, which is a lab in Nueva York. You can snap this pic from almost anyplace, but the hill between Nueva and Medieval England is a good spot.

For this one you get a purple stud, which will be your reward for all photos going forward. Next is a tomb in Egypt, in front of the pyramid nearer Hala.

To count, this on pretty much has to be taken from standing on top of the pillars out front.

Then a pic of Manhattan from the water, with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. That same hill between Nueva and Medieval is a good spot.

The subject of the next pic- the giant giant panther statues, may be in Wakanda, but you can take the snap from atop the Timely Comics HQ right by Central park

The Xandar one is pretty straightforward- any shot of the Hex sphere.

The next is of Hydra Times Square from above. You don't need to go all the way up to the airship- the skyscraper nearest regular Manhattan will do.

Then a pic with the Sakaar Coliseum, and the volcano and palace of Asgard. Once more, than hill by Nueva York remains an ideal vantage.

The last picture, for Attilan and Kang's spire lined up, can be taken from the bridge over the waterfall in Wakanda.

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