Shock a Block Puzzle

Shock a Block Puzzle

Look for the danger-sense icons outside the Huston in Manhattan Noir.

Use the jump button to dodge the gargoyle.

When the rubble has settled, yank down the pull-loop on the fire ladder.

This gives you access to the acrobatic rods. Follow them to the end to trigger another gargoyle attack.

Recognizing the pattern, you'll want to induce a gargoyle drop on the final side, but there's a party in progress there.

Smash everything there, including the phonograph, and rebuild it as a boom box, situated in a safer spot.

Trigger and dodge the last gargoyle drop.

Shocker can be easily defeated with a steady barrage of webbing. He'll leap to one side or another every so often, but just maintain the barrage to win this without bloodshed.

You won't unlock him as a character, that'll come later, but you do earn a brick for winning the fight.

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