Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Ninja Gaiden 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Xbox 360 Controls
A: Jump
B: Shuriken
X: Fast Attack
Y: Strong Attack
LB: Aim Bow
RB: Center Camera
LT: Block/Slide
RT: Shoot Bow
START: Pause
BACK: Combo List
D-PAD: Weapon Select
Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Camera (click to Sense Proper Path)

2) Story Walkthrough

Before you begin, a sceen will ask you to choose between two “play styles:” Hero and Ninja. Effectively, Hero Mode is an “Easy” difficulty where your character automatically blocks and dodges most attacks, whereas Ninja Mode is on par with the hardcore level of difficulty seen in previous Ninja Gaiden games. Selecting “Hard” difficulty in Ninja Mode is even more grueling than “Normal,” and it is not recommended for players that are new to the series.

2.1) Day 1 – London, UK

Follow the onscreen button commands during the interactive cutscene that marks the beginning of the game. Follow the next onscreen command when you gain control, and you will unavoidably get the “Falcon Dive” Achievement. Follow the path ahead, indicated by clicking the right stick, to a camp of enemies. Dodge or block their fire with the left trigger or shoulder button (depending on your console) and approach to finish them with melee attacks.

The next group of soldiers includes enemies with rocket launchers. These enemies are the most dangerous, so approach them first while dodging their rockets and kill them. Note that by holding the strong attack button after a series of kills, you can charge up an ultimate attack to kill many enemies in succession, which also grants you the Achievement, “Ultimate Technique.” Kill two more rocket launcher enemies to complete the wave.

Approach the man in the scene and press the attack button to kill him. Slide under the truck by following the onscreen instructions, and you’ll get an Achievement called “Sliding” just for sliding. Up ahead, an enemy will spring out of the ground. Dodge the car by following the on-screen instructions, then run into the alley on your right. When the arch ahead is destroyed, take the alley on your left and slide to get to safety.

Jump across the gap, then climb up the wall on your right by jumping onto it, then alternating triggers/shoulder buttons to perform a kunai climb. When an enemy attacks from above, press B or O to throw a shuriken and take him down, then continue your climb. And yes, at the top of your climb, you get the Achievement, “Kunai Climb.” Walk around the balcony, then sneak up on the enemy ahead and press the strong attack button to assassinate him.

Enemies will begin shooting at you now, so glide down, dodge the projectile, and perform a Falcon Dive kill all by simply following the on-screen instructions. At the bottom, fight off the soldiers; again, I recommend killing the rocket users first. When you ki bar is filled, follow the given command to use your ninpo art: Inferno. This will also get you an Achievement, “Inferno.” This will leave all the enemies running scared, and you can safely advance.

A truck will attempt to ram you, so dodge under it and engage the unloading forces. Definitely kill the man with the missile launcher, as he will fire whole volleys of missiles where the rocket launcher only fires one rocket. After he’s dead, prioritize rocket launcher men next, and then worry about the common soldiers. Make sure to dodge and block to avoid taking damage whenever possible, and use your ninpo when it becomes available.

Eventually, enemies with shields will join the fray. Dodge behind them and attack them from the rear to hurt them and knock away their shields. These enemies have glowing orange blades and can hold their own against you in combat, introducing the need to block melee attacks and then counterattack to defeat stronger enemies. Alternatively, you can easily finish them with ninpo or your ultimate technique. After the fight, an eagle will appear to you; follow the command prompt to heal yourself and save your progress.

A group of enemies on the opposite side of the street will start a barrage of rocket fire, blowing up the truck blocking your path. With careful dodging, it’s possible to advance through the incoming rockets, but a friendly helicopter will fly through and take out the rocketeers shortly. A few shield soldiers will engage you. You can kill them, or you can simply jump over the barricade behind them to proceed.

In the smoke, an enemy soldier will ambush you. Tap the light attack button while moving the left stick, as shown on the screen, to counter his attack. Afterward, a group of enemies with rockets will start targeting you from within the smoke. Quickly locate them using their own laser sights and take them out before they can deal too much damage to you.

When the smoke clears, the Steel Spider robot from earlier will attack. Don’t try to attack it from the front; its flamethrowers will make short work of any such attempt. Instead, circle around and target the glowing legs and damage them until you succeed in severing them. Avoid the rockets and bullets from the mounted guns on top of the Steel Spider. As it weakens, it will start firing electric pulses into the ground to hit the area around itself. Avoid this by putting distance between the boss and yourself when it begins this animation. When all four rear legs are severed, the generator will become exposed. Jump up on the hatch and attack the generator to finish the Steel Spider, getting you the Achievement, “Steel on Steel.”

Proceed through the newly opened hole in the fence. As you pass the destroyed generator, watch out for flaming soldiers trying to grab you on the left. Ahead, a group of soldiers will attack, including shield wielders. Get behind the shield wielders, or use ninpo or ultimate techniques to deal with them. After the fight, look on your right (or click the right stick) to see a wall you can climb. Throw a dagger at the rocketeer on the roof as you ascend.

At the top, open the door and head inside. Proceed down the stairs, and Ryu will stop to contact his people. Walk down the hall, then repel another sneak attack. After another conversation, continue down the stairs, then through the rooms. As you exit the building, you’ll be subjected to another sneak attack and a fight with several soldiers. Head into the building with the white door from here.

Inside, you’ll face a colorful masked figure. Follow the prompts on the screen when they appear in order to defend against his attacks. Block his attacks and press the attack button at the moment he hits to counter his attack, making him vulnerable to further attacks. Eventually, he will be thrown out the window. At this point, he will start using an unblockable grab attack that impales you for huge damage, so don’t try to counter this. Instead, dodge it and follow up while he’s vulnerable. Eventually, after a prompt to tap the attack button you will finish him.

Surprisingly, things do not quite go as expected, and the demon blade evaporates, leaving a red mark on Ryu’s arm. Press the attack button to grab the enemy’s weapon and counterattack. After the fight, walk toward the gate ahead. Walk to the end of the street as the missile approaches. Following the scene at the end of the mission, you will complete Day 1 and get the Achievement, “The Grip of Murder.”

2.2) Day 2 – Deserted City, Rub’ al Khali

As you approach the two crumbling towers ahead, use your bow to automatically target and shoot down the sentries. When enemies on motorcycles ride out, use your bow to shoot them down. Afterward, you’ll see a cutscene and receive a new sword. Proceed through the hole in the wall and approach the open area ahead, where a mercenary will sneak attack you.

These new mercenary enemies are as quick as ninja and have lethal finishing moves just like you. Avoid their unblockable attacks, then counterattack. When you see common soldiers attack you from afar, you can now use the same controls from the beginning of this level to shoot them from afar. After the first wave, shoot the rocketeers with your bow to end the fight.

Head to the back right corner of the area to find a place to wall jump. Simply press the jump button to bounce between the walls and land at the top, earning you the Achievement “Flying Bird Flip.” Approach the eagle and save your game. If Ninja Cinema is on, you can also save a record of your gameplay to view in Ninja Cinema mode.

Proceed down the steps, and a mercenary group will attack. Shoot the rocketeer on the upper level with your bow, and the fight on the ground will become much easier. Eliminate the enemies, then head up the ramp to where a soldier with a missile launcher awaits. Kill the soldier and ascend. To cross the gap at the top, jump toward the wall to perform a wall run, earning you the “Wall Run” Achievement.

Jump across the next gap and sneak up on the soldiers ahead, then use the strong attack button for a sneak attack kill. Shoot the rocketeer on the opposite side, then wall run to reach his location. On the next platform, you will fall and face a wave of mercenaries. After the fight, head to the wall jump point and use it to get back up to where you were before. This time, wall run across the place where you fell and proceed up to a wall where you can climb up. At the top, press the strong attack button to jump up and throw the enemy down.

Up ahead, sneak up on and kill the soldier ahead. Another soldier with a missile launcher will fire at you. Press the jump button to leap down and dodge the missiles, then press the strong attack button to perform a Falcon Dive kill. Use the bow to kill the missile unit, then focus on the ground troops. The second wave will consist of motorcycle riders; you can use either your sword or the bow to kill them. Finally, two more missile users will appear above, so shoot them down with your bow.

Head to the wall jump point created by the falling soldier and ascend. Swing across two poles, and when you land the second time, hold both triggers down to catch yourself and perform a kunai climb to reach the top. Ahead, save at the eagle, then perform a wall jump against the wall directly ahead. Swing across a few more poles, and you will fall into a location with numerous soldiers and mercenaries. Kill them as you proceed down the hall, then open the door at the end.

Shoot the enemy charging above, then dodge to the side, and the fight will begin. Only strong attacks will break through these enemies’ shields and render them vulnerable. Avoid their long range magic attacks and hit them while they charge up to make them vulnerable. When all three are defeated, you can proceed by climning the wooden wall ahead.

Climb the next wall, and a helicopter will attack you. Jump from the falling rock to the wall across from it, and hold the triggers to grab the wall. When you get knocked down, hold the triggers against to catch yourself. Perform a kunai climb while being pelted with missiles, and you’ll slide down into the building. Walk forward and approach the jukebox.

A group of mercenaries will attack you while rocketeers pelt you with explosives from above. Shoot the rocketeers with your bow so you can focus on the ground enemies. After the first wave, a garage door will open and unleash mercenaries and shield troops. After the fight, enter the gate that opened during the fight and proceed up the stairs. Wall run across and kill the soldier with the rocket launcher. Continue on until the helicopter returns.

Dodge and jump over the helicopter’s missile volleys while you pelt it with arrows from your bow. Note that you can simply pull the right trigger to fire without reloading. After a brief fight, it will fly away. Turn around and head through the hall, sliding under a fallen pillar, to fight the helicopter on the opposite side. Continue avoiding the missiles, and try to shoot the helicopter in midair to avoid exposing yourself to fire while shooting. Whenever the helicopter is reloading its missiles, stop and shoot it until it starts firing again. After hitting the helicopter a sufficient number of times, it will crash.

Slide under the bars to your right to proceed. Follow the path and slide under the crashed helicopter. As you do so, the flaming pilot will ambush you, so tap the attack button to repel him. Head to the end and save with the eagle. Enter the monorail on your left for transport to the station. After the trip begins, helicopters will shoot out the roof of the monorail and drop air troops in.

Shoot the air troopers out of the sky with your bow. After dispatching all air troopers, focus on the helicopter. Dodge its missile volleys, then counterattack while it is idle. It should prove easier to bring down than the previous helicopter. Do the same for the second copter, and a third helicopter with shoot out the rail ahead. Jump as you slide down to perform a Falcon Dive off the falling monorail for the Achievement, “Mind the Gap.”

Walk forward and jump down to approach the elevator. An enemy wave with mercenaries will move in, while rocketeers attack from above. As usual, shoot down the rocketeers, then fight the ground forces. After a few waves, Ryu’s demon arm will start acting up. Cut down the enemies before you and enter the elevator. When the elevator is attacked, hold the triggers and tap the shuriken button to pull the door open.

Save by the eagle on your left, then wall run across the gap. Shoot down the air troops, then wall run across two more gaps to reach a location where you can wall jump to get up. Try to climb the wall on your left, and a helicopter will just knock you down. Dodge missiles and shoot the helicopter as usual, then when it goes down, climb the wall again.

At the top, you will view a scene. Afterward, dodge under the bomber as it flies over you. You can’t damage this helicopter by shooting the cockpit. Instead, dodge its missiles and then fire at the glowing points on the missile launchers, indicating that they are vulnerable. Whenever the bomber, flies over, dodge and then turn around to shoot at its launchers, all of which will be temporarily vulnerable.

After severely damaging one of the launchers, the copter will sink and fire a volley of missiles. Jump off the building to evade the missiles, then Falcon Dive at the cockpit and tap the strong attack button to tear through the protective plating. Avoid the shots from the turret on the wing, then when it stops firing, attack it to destroy it. Leap from the wing and Falcon Dive back to the roof.

The helicopter will now fly over and drop bombs. Avoid the glowing spots on the ground to avoid having a bomb drop on you. Repeat the process of destroying another missile launcher, then jump off the building again, dodge a missile volley, and hit the cockpit again. Now you must fight the opposite turret. Dodge its shots and attack when it stops, only for the helicopter to dip. Latch onto the wing with the triggers, then dodge left and right to avoid the turret’s fire. Ignore the air troopers and dodge the turret again, then attack it once more to destroy it.

Shoot the air troopers, then focus on the helicopter again. Destroy a third missile launcher and jump to the helicopter again. Strike the cockpit directly, then hang on to the wing with your kunai. When the wing falls off, jump down from it to escape. After another mission conclusion scene, you will earn the Achievement, “Bumpy Ride.” You will also unlock Ninja Trials in the online mode, Shadows of the World.

2.3) Day 3 – Abismo Island, Indian Ocean

Falcon Dive from the helicopter. On the way down, dodge a missile, then perform a strong attack and tap the button to destroy the missile turret. Enemies will surround you, so quickly run to the nearby missile turret and disable it to stop it from firing volleys. You can then engage the normal soldiers around you, finishing them with ninpo and/or the ultimate technique. If you didn’t complete destroy the turret, you can do so after the fight, as it’s of no threat while disabled.

Head through the opening in the trees behind the turret. Along the path, you’ll encounter giant insects. Kill them and approach the nest ahead, then shoot it down with your bow. Climb the wall, then knock down the enemy above as you approach the top. Follow the path to the right, and you’ll be attacked by armored dogs just outside the building ahead.

Kick the door open to send the enemy behind it flying, then enter the combat arena ahead. Take out the turret at the top of the stairs, then the soldiers below. After the fight, head up the stairs behind the turret, where more ninja mercenaries and a rocketeer are waiting. Shoot the rocketeer and kill the mercs, then save and heal at the eagle.

Bust through the gate ahead and head down the stairs, then counter a soldier’s ambush. By the radio, jump down onto the truck and grab onto the back of the vehicle with your kunai. After a scene, the truck will arrive at its destination. Falcon Dive and hit an enemy on the ground. Shoot the rocketeers on the containers above you, then fight several waves of mercenaries and dogs until they pull out.

An enemy airstrike will commence, so run toward the screen and jump over two logs to get out of the way. Continue to run away, then slide under one log and jump over the next. Run to the right and jump off the cliff, taking out a helicopter with a strong attack on your way down. You’ll now have to fight three helicopters by evading their missiles and shooting them with your bow. The third helicopter will crash and reveal the path onward, earning you the Achievement, “Beyond the Flames.”

Climb up the wall directly ahead to enter a cave. Inside, fight off an invading force of air troopers, then wall run off the lower wall to reach the climbable wall, then kunai climb the rest of the way. Save at the eagle on your right, then proceed through the path ahead. Kill or run past the insects to reach a point ahead where you fall through the floor, killing any bugs around you.

Follow the trail of glowing bugs to their nest at the end of the path. Shoot the nest down and kill the insects, then ascend with a wall jump. Blaze another trail through the darkness, following the approaching insects to their nest and destroying it. Slide under the rock ahead, and follow another trail of glowing insects back to their nest. After destroying the nest, climb up the wall behind it and knock the guard at the top down.

Dodge the rockets ahead and run along the wall to reach the soldiers firing them. Kill them, then wall run again to reach some shield wielders and soldiers, with a rocketeer up ahead. At the end, hold the triggers to cross the rope and alternate in the same manner as when kunai climbing to cross. This will get you the Achievement, “Rope Crossing.” Head up the stairs and kill the soldiers blocking your path, then cross another rope.

At the end, a helicopter will attack you. Climb to the end and jump to the platform, then shoot the helicopter down while dodging its rockets. Wall jump up to the next level, then engage a group of soldiers and shield wielders. After multiple waves, you can progress by climbing the wall at the end of the path, to the left. At the top, Falcon Dive into the control tower, killing one enemy, then finish the other.

When the tower is beset by missiles, jump down for another Falcon Dive, killing an enemy below. Shoot the rocketeers surrounding you and kill the remaining soldiers on the ground, remembering to use your ultimate technique and ninpo when available. After the fight, an eagle will fly down, granting you a chance to save and heal. Approach the main building door and hold both triggers, then tap the button shown to open it.

Inside, you will face more alchemists like those in the previous level. Use heavy attacks to break through their shields and kill them. Shoot the missile launcher enemy on the stairs, then head up to his location and a ghost will ambush you using a stealth cloak. Deflect his attack, and you will have to fight a group of ghost soldiers. Some will attack you directly while others turn invisible and throw grenades to impair you. However, when visible, the bow’s aiming mode will reveal them while invisible and automatically lock on to them, allowing you to knock them out of their cloaks.

After the fight, head up the stairs again and head through the door at the top, following the path until you reach a hall of cases with dogs in them. Several of these dogs are real, and one will ambush you from the left as you pass. After this, all of the real armored dogs will burst through the glass and attack. As you pass the dinosaur exhibit, two ghosts will ambush you. A much larger group will attack when you reach the bulkhead door at the end of the hall. Kill all of them, and the door will open.

Inside, you’ll have to fight a mechanically augmented tyrannosaurus rex. This enemy deals heavy damage with every attack, but is fortunately rather slow. Evade the rex’s charge, and it will collapse on the ground, rendering its head vulnerable. The rest of the time, the rex will attempt to bite you, step on you, or whip you with its tail, depending on where you are. If it bites you, it will chew you up and spit you out, dealing massive damage. If it steps on you, you can resist by tapping the strong attack button, but you’ll have to tap quickly to repel the attack.

The best manner of consistently damaging the dinosaur is getting your distance to make the dinosaur charge, then dodging the charge and causing it to fall. Attack its head until a scene occurs and you end up running from the dinosaur in a hallway. As you enter the labs, you’ll have to jump over a couple piles of dinosaur bones, then duck under a missile. After the dinosaur grabs the missile in its mouth, shoot it to blow it up in the T. rex’s face.

Proceed in the next room, then immediately dodge to the left. Jump on the dinosaur’s head and mash the strong attack button, and you’ll face the beast in another open room. Repeat the strategy of luring it into a charging attack and then hitting its head while it’s down. After it takes enough damage, mash the power attack button to kill the dinosaur. After a scene, you’ll get the Achievement, “Antediluvian Slumber.”

2.4) Day 4 – LOA Biolab, Abismo Island

In the virtual simulation, fight the soldiers on the blimp. Afterward, jump down to the building below, where you’ll fight enemy ninja. Use your ninpo and ultimate techniques to fell entire waves. After the last wave, jump down to arrive at the third setting. Save your game with the eagle, then enter the building to face the alchemist again, in the same setting.

The fight is basically the same as the outdoor battle with him on Day 1. He has an unblockable grab attack and a charged-up finishing move. Block and evade his attacks to counter them as before, and you’ll lock blades with him three times. The third time, he will be thrown through the window, and the virtual reality machine will be destroyed, allowing you to leap out into the real world.

Wall run to pass the first two exposed circuits, then swing across on a pipe to cross the third. While sliding, jump and swing across two more pipes, then slide under the opening ahead. Fight off a pair of ghosts, then pass through the door ahead. Follow the path to your left, then attempt to pull the door open, only to be interrupted by enemies with rocket launchers on the upper level.

Shoot the rocket launcher enemies, then fight the soldiers and ghosts attacking you on the ground. Use your bow to see and snipe the invisible ghosts, or they can sneak up on you and strap a grenade on your back. After wiping out the soldiers and ghosts, pry the door open and proceed into the chamber beyond. Here, you will be assaulted by air troopers, soldiers, and ghosts. In the second wave, one rocket trooper will appear at the end, so shoot him with your bow. After a certain point, the bridge will collapse. Glide across to the wall and use your kunai climb to ascend to an eagle, where you can save.

Enter the hall and kill the soldiers at the end. As you approach the dead end in the next hall, turn right and kill a group of ghosts. Through the door, you will be trapped in a room with what appear to be zombies. They can knock you to the ground and grapple you, but other than that, they’re easy foes. That is, until two of them rise again as a hulking brute and serpentine monster.

The brute will charge at you and attempt to pummel you with its fists, while the snake fires poison clouds at you. The snake monsters are most easily killed in close-range melee combat, while the brutes are best fought with hit-and-run attacks and the bow, as they will grab you if you draw too close. With each monster you kill, another will rise and transform into one of these two beasts. Eventually, you will be fighting three at once.

After clearing several waves, you will be dropped along with your foes into a chasm. Perform a Falcon Dive and kill one enemy below, then face a wave of “zombies,” snake chimera, and brute chimera, all while taking steady damage from the liquid on the floor of the chasm. When the enemies are slain, climb the wall while the acid rises below you.

At the top, perform one wall run to cross the chasm, then another followed by a jump and a kunai climb to reach and ascend the wall across from you. Cross the rope and hit the enemies on the balcony with daggers as you approach. Jump from the rope to the balcony, then to a pipe before the balcony falls. Swing from pipe to pipe and then to the wall, performing another kunai climb to escape.

Jump down at the break in the pipe and kill the zombies, then kill them a second time when they rise as chimeras. Afterward, perform a wall jump in the corner to get up to the next level. As you approach the door, a brute will knock you back down to the ground level. After killing the remaining chimera, head back up and wall run across the fallen space, then save at the eagle and enter the door.

Pry open the next door and fight the snake chimera entering from the dead end on your left. Kill them and enter the door ahead, where you’ll fight another hall full of chimera. After this hall, you’ll be in a room with two brute chimera. Kill these two, and you can advance out onto the balcony and save at the eagle. After saving, head back to the room you were just in for a scene.

Step out of the elevator, and you’ll be beset by ghosts. Wipe them out with your blade and bow, and you’ll face a group of three alchemists next. After the alchemists, you’ll face another wave of soldiers and ghosts. When your arm starts to act up, slash through all the remaining enemies with a single stroke. Continue, limping, into the hallway ahead, kill the last few enemies, and enter the room where Canna is.

Hold the left trigger to carry Canna and keep holding it while you walk through the hall. After the scene, run through the hall while carrying Canna and tapping the fast attack button whenever the zombies leap at you. Run all the way to the final room for another scene, which ends with you facing down an artificial, incomplete god.

Arrows are useless against this foe, as they will simply bounce off. Slash the god relentlessly to sever its limbs, while avoiding its magical attacks. After a short while, the limbs will regenerate as snakes, much like the chimera. It will now have a snake whip attack that sweeps the ground, which you must dodge by jumping or rolling out of its reach. It can also grab you with its elastic limbs and toss you into the air. Attacking while leaping forward can help you avoid getting knocked off your feet.

The second time the god’s arms are destroyed, they regrow as brute arms. This gives the god powerful punches and a flying attack where it leaps into the air and smashes into you from above. The final time you sever the limbs, the god with run away. Pursue it into the next room, and dodge to the left to evade its surprise attack from above.

The boss has regrown its huge fists, and this time it will be even faster and the area of effect on its ground pound attacks will be larger. It resorts to magic until hit again, when it will regrow its original arms, making it faster but weaker. Sever these, and the snake arms return, now with a venom-spitting attack. Keep severing its limbs, and they will keep regrowing in different forms, though they will become quicker and quicker to dissipate and reform. Eventually, the god leaps on you and starts biting you, and you’ll have to tap the fast attack button rapidly to survive.

Head toward the door, but when the god head attacks you again, be ready to tap the fast attack button to rip it from your throat. Ignore the zombies except to shake them off and run to slide under each bulkhead before it closes. After the scene, you’ll get the Achievement, “The Great Escape.”

2.5) Day 5 – Hayabusa Village, Japan

After landing, walk forward to collect the new katana conveniently placed before you. This will replace your original sword, unlocking your full repertoire of attack combos and increasing the number of hits dealt by your ultimate technique. Continue down this path, and you’ll have a chance to test your new katana against a ninja ambush from above.

These ninja have a fighting style that mirrors your own on a smaller scale. Their blades are their primary means of attack, but they have finishing move grabs similar to your Steel on Bone attacks. Though their ninpo isn’t nearly as formidable as your Inferno, they can still shoot small fireballs around. They also throw shuriken, though this is equally as ineffective as your own shuriken attacks.

You will face multiple waves of ninja, so don’t forget to use your ninpo and ultimate technique as they become available, as these moves can fell entire waves of ninja as easily as any other enemy. Now that your combos have changed, you may want to open your combo list with the BACK or SELECT button to view the full list of attack combinations available to you.

After the last ninja falls, head through the pass ahead and slide down. A few more ninja will attack you in this narrow space. Just past them, you will be attacked with ninpo fire as you head around the mountainside. To make matters worse, a small group of ninja will attack you along the way, slowing you down and making you an easy target for the ninpo artillery. This fight is made much easier by the knowledge that the fireballs raining down on you can be blocked. By fighting defensively, you can defeat the ninja and advance to the bridge, where more ninja await. Fortunately, this battle takes place outside the artillery’s range.

As you cross the bridge, attacking ninja mages will destroy the boards you walk on. Jump and grab the rope next to you, then throw a dagger to knock one of the enemies out of the sky. Continue to the burning portion of the rope and jump across to the other rope. Shoot down the two mages here with daggers, then proceed to the end and jump across again. Throw daggers at the last two mages that appear as you cross, then climb up.

When the bridge blows, grab onto the side and start climbing up, using the left stick to avoid the fire. When you are knocked down, grab on again and throw a dagger at the ninja responsible. Climb back up again, and quickly, before the bridge falls apart. At the top, follow the path, then head left and slide under a log, then follow the path again to reach a wall jump point, allowing you to ascend.

Follow the path up to the eagle’s perch, fighting another wave of ninja to get there, among whom are bombers that you should kill first to stop their explosives from littering the field. As you approach the eagle, a ninja will ambush you from the grass. Quickly push left or right and the fast attack button simultaneously to repel the enemy, then save at the eagle. Proceed through the path on your right, and you will face ninja in a clearing. Use your bow to shoot the ninja throwing bombs from above. After the fight, head to the pass on your right.

When an explosion dislodges a rock far up the path, you will have to dodge it as it flies toward you. This will be followed by another attacking wave of ninja enemies. Look up to the walls and shoot the bombers down first, then worry about the foot soldiers. The common ninja will be joined by mages in the middle of the fight. These enemies are easily distinguished by the fact that they float and shoot real fireballs, unlike the tiny embers fired off by their allies. Luckily, they are no more resistant to damage than other ninja. Thus, you should eliminate them second after the bombers.

After the enemies are cleared, continue to the next clearing, and an even more grueling fight. The battlefield will be awash with fireballs and bombs. After a couple of waves of this continuous chaos, your demon arm will activate, and you can cut down the remaining ninja with a single blow. Though they may try to take you with them, or to ambush you from behind, these attacks are easily countered and end with the same result as always. Limp into the pass ahead, then crawl to the gate until you finally collapse.

After the scene, walk out into the village to converse with the inhabitants. After collecting your bow, step up to the wooden platform and shoot the target, then continue. Proceed again to speak with Genjiro, after which you pass through a gate. Just ahead, dodge and repel the child’s attack for an Achievement, “The Acolyte.” Now continue up the path to the eagle and save. Your destination is just ahead.

Proceed down the path, and you will be attacked by ninja along the way. Fortunately, your new ally Momiji will help you dispatch them. After the fight, continue until you must jump up on a ledge, and you will face another wave. Here, be sure to shoot down the bombers hidden above you. When you are afflicted by your curse mid-fight, take advantage of its insta-kill quickly, as Momiji will use her magic to contain it after a few seconds.

After the fight, continue up the creek to a fight with only ninja mages. Shoot down the one above you, then deal with the ones on the ground. Close the distance between you and attack swiftly to negate the advantage of their fireball attacks. After the mage wave, normal ninja will drop in, but be sure to finish the mages first. Approach the web, and Momiji will destroy it with her ninpo.

Save at the eagle on your right before entering the cave. You’ll be trapped by a spider curse and forced to fight ninja. After the fight appears to be over, the souls of more and more ninja will be summoned into the bodies of the dead to continue fighting you. When your arm acts up, use it quickly, as Momiji will arrive momentarily to stop it. After fighting several waves, a scene will ensue.

Tap the fast attack button to avoid being crushed. Walk up Obaba’s arm and fight the summoned ninja off. Attack the glowing boil on Obaba’s arm, then when she goes to slap you off, shoot her hand. She will then revive the ninja to fight you again, this time with mages among their ranks. During the fight, whenever Obaba raises her fist, get your distance from her boil to avoid the strike, but when she raises her open hand, shoot it. When the boil glows red, you can attack it to damage Obaba. Eventually, you can tap the strong attack button to gouge the boil open.

You will be thrown into the air, so Falcon Dive and grab on to Obaba’s arm. As you climb, use the left stick to dodge left and right, so as to avoid the spikes emerging from Obaba’s flesh. At the top, tap the button again to sever Obaba’s left arm, then Falcon Dive to her other arm and do the same there with Momiji’s help. Both of you will then land on Obaba’s shoulder.

Fight off a wave of ninja, then attack Obaba’s glowing boil until she fires a blast from her mouth and ressurects her fallen ninja. Now fight another wave, then attack the boil again. Momiji will block the blast this time, but she will be taken down by spiked tentacles emerging from Obaba’s flesh. Sever the tentacles, then attack the boil and destroy it. Leap up onto Obaba’s head and do the same to finish her. Press the button on the screen at the end to catch Momiji. After the scene, you will get the Achievement “The Karma of a Shinobi.”

2.6) Day 6 – Howard Phillips Plains, Antartica

As you proceed through the snowy path, be ready to dodge an ambush attack from an enemy hidden in the snow. Take out the small group of mercs, then slide down the slope and head through the blizzard. A few motorcycles will attack, and even though you can’t see them in the distance, your auto-target on your bow can still lock on to them.

After shooting the cycles down, an avalanche will drop you into the chasm. Jump and catch the wall with your kunai. Dodge to the right to avoid falling debris and climb up, then when the ice starts to break, jump back to the left side and climb up. An eagle will be ahead on your right, allowing you to save. Proceed into the ice cave, then dodge a surprise attack by a brute chimera. Fight off this wave of chimera, then when the floor starts shaking, head to the wall and climb up before it collapses.

Up here, kill the insects and slide under the rock where they originated. Follow the path of insects back to their nest, killing them to light the area with their luminescent blood. Shoot their nest down and kill the bugs inside, then perform a wall jump in the space where the nest was resting. At the top, you will face insects and zombies, which turn into chimera when slain. Shoot the insect nests down to stop them from spawning, then worry about the chimera.

After the fight, head to where the insect nests were. Wall run along the left and catch the wall with your kunai. When the ice breaks, catch yourself with your kunai and climb up. Head forward and roll down the slope, then Falcon Dive through the chamber and dodge the falling ice pillars to reach the opposite side. Ahead, you will be attacked by new enemies. These slack-jawed trogolodytes are demonic in appearance, but they attack in large numbers. Essentially, they’re cannon fodder. Clear them out and climb the wall ahead.

At the end of this platform, you’ll be surrounded by a wave of clawed trogolodytes. When they are dead, the demon face in the door will resurrect them as suicide bombers that fly at you and explode, giving you good reason to evade. The face will then separate from the wall and fly around shooting lasers while more trogolodytes attack. Kill these weaklings while avoiding their new self-destruct attacks and saving your ninpo, then target the floating head and shoot it a few times with your bow to destroy it.

Upon its destruction, the head will drop a mini-boss into the arena: a four-legged fiend with a scythe. The monster can dash and slash across the battlefield, or it can throw its scythe like a boomerang at long range. At close range, he will jump up in the air and slam down, or he will grab you and bite you. In other words, he’s a threat at any attack range. The quickest way to deal with this fiend is to hit him with your Inferno ninpo. Afterward, the door ahead will be unlocked. Pass through it, and after the scene, save at the eagle on your right.

As you approach the next door, a typical trogolodyte wave will attack you. The wall face will come to life, summoning another wave and causing the fallen enemies to become kamikaze bombers, exactly the same as the last fight. Fight off the next wave before shooting the head, as this will spawn another scythe-wielder. Defeat him as you did his identical brother, then head onward and kick open the gate to the right.

Head up the stairs while fighting a small group of evasive, wall-crawling trogolodytes. On the second level, a group of these same enemies will jump through the stained glass window as you approach, accompanied by their beefier chimera brethren and a demon stone head. Save the head for last, and you may be able to kill the scythe demon will an ultimate technique or ninpo attack. After the fight, head through the gate on the opposite side of the floor.

At the end, a demon head will laser the balcony you’re standing on. Jump and Falcon Dive to kill a white alchemist below you. After killing the other two alchemists, you will face more trogolodytes. After that, you’ll face two scythe demons in a row. Unless you’ve saved up an ultimate tech and a ninpo, you’ll have to fight one of these two fair and square. Focus on blocking his normal attacks, but evade his grabs, and you should be able to kill at least one scythe demon yourself.

After the second demon, the floor will crumble away. Save at the eagle just ahead, then head through the hall. A few trogs will leap out of the test tubes as you pass. Proceed through the gap on your right, then take a left and battle more escaping enemies, all of which will self-destruct if not finished off. Proceed to the end of the path and head through the doorway on your left.

Continue through the corridors and you will enter a room where you must fight yourself. Your alter ego will attack with katana strikes, as well as a move where he glows red and flies through the air, which will break your guard. After he goes down, approach him and finish him off by tapping the strong attack button. For defeating this Epigonos, you receive the Achievement “Evil Twin.”

After the scene, the Epigonos will be revived, but now wielding a scythe and wearing what appears to be Daedric armor. At times, it will switch between its katana, scythe, and cestus weapons, a feature that is ironically not available to Ryu in Ninja Gaiden 3. After hitting it with Steel on Bone attacks, the Epigonos will glow red, and you should attack it with your ultimate technique to weaken it further. When it charges up a scythe swing, be ready to evade a shockwave attack when it strikes. The second time, it will shoot a red ball of energy to dodge. The third time you go to use the ultimate technique, it will try to interrupt you. Tap the fast attack button to repel and counter its attack to finish it.

Climb up the ledge ahead and force the door open. Kill the two alchemists inside, then a pair of Brutes. Wall jump through the vent where the brutes came from, then climb up with your kunai knives. At the gap in the wall, use the stick to jump to the right and continue. At the bomber helicopter, jump over the missiles and Falcon Dive onto the cockpit, slashing the side.

As with the first bomber fight, stay on the wing and dodge the turret fire, then when it overheats, attack it. Do this twice to destroy it, then Falcon Dive to land on the collapsing rock face. Climb up the falling ice wall quickly, then jump across to the right at the top and continue climbing until you reach a scene. Afterward, you will receive the Achievement “Waiting” for completing this chapter.

2.7) Day 7 – The Black Narwhal, Pacific Ocean

During the scene, jump from the jet and press the shuriken button to catch Mizuki’s hand. After the scene, when you jump from the jet, be ready to dodge the rockets, then perform a Falcon Dive kill on the turret at the bottom. Shoot the enemies with missile launchers above you, then fight off the soldiers below. Kunai climb up the metal door and destroy the turret at the top.

The door on your right will open, releasing mercenaries and shield soldiers. Kill them, then head through the door and shoot the rocketeer across from you, then take out another turret on your right. Head down the stairs and fight a few soldiers, then proceed down the hall. Up the stairs, turn around to shoot a rocketeer and then take out a shield trooper along with the turret he guards.

You’ll be knocked down, so run along the right wall and kill the soldiers and mercs on the other side. Climb the metal gate, taking out the rocket user on top with a dagger on your way up. Continue straight ahead, then Falcon Dive and kill a soldier below. Shoot the air troopers and fight the remaining soldiers. Afterward, the turrets will attack you. Approach either turret while perpetually dodging, and you can finish both of them at once by tapping the button onscreen.

Once the turrets go down, a helicopter will attack you. Dodge its bullets and missiles, then shoot it with your bow as you’re accustomed to doing. Climb the wall behind you, but wait for a signal from the decoy before climbing up onto the ledge and destroying the turret. This will reveal a room in which you will be attacked by several soldiers. Shoot the missile launcher in the back and fight the rest in melee.

After the fight, head forward and wall jump up to the last turret on this ship. Dispatch the air troopers, then climb up the back wall with your kunai. Wait for the turret to face away and start firing at the planes in the distance, then hop up and destroy it. Save at the eagle, then Falcon Dive down from here to hit a turret on the next ship over.

Fight off a few soldiers, then dodge down the hall to reach the turret attacking you. Annoyingly, you must fight off the troops nearby before you can destroy it. After taking the turret down, head down the stairs and fight the soldiers coming through the door. Shoot the enemy at the end with a rocket launcher, then take out the soldiers, using heavy attacks to disarm shielded foes.

Head out to the deck to engage more troops. Take out the rocket launchers in the first wave with your bow, then the air troopers in the second and missile launcher in the third by the same method. Handle the rest of the enemies as normal, then quickly run to the turret and attack it, as it will turn on you if given time, forcing you to dodge your way to it. As before, Ryu will destroy both turrets at once.

Turn around and fight off a group of alchemists, then climb the wall and enter the room ahead, where a ghost will ambush you. This room is full of invisible ghosts, using grenades and sneak attacks, so use your bow to auto-target them and hit them, disrupting their stealth cloaks and revealing their locations. Outside, shoot down the air troopers, then fight the soldiers and mercs ahead. Now head around the structure ahead and dodge toward the turrets, then destroy them.

Climb up the narrow wall to save and heal at an eagle. Head up again and wait for the turret to look away, then climb up and shoot it. A bomber helicopter will attack, apparently the same one from Antartica. Jump to it and slash the side of the cockpit, then fight the turret as usual: by evading until it overheats, then counterattacking. After destroying the turret, jump to the last ship, destroying the turret on your way down.

Descend the stairs and follow the linear hallway path. After the scene, grab the wall with your knives. Dodge all to the right to avoid the falling turret, then climb up. Dodge right again to avoid a falling beam, then ascend to the top. There, head left and wall jump up through the former hallway. Climb across the pipe, then jump to the other side.

A helicopter will attack, so dodge its rockets and take it down with your bow. Don’t forget that you can dodge by jumping and then shoot in midair for relative safety. Head up the wall, evading the missiles at the top and the falling debris in the middle. Catch yourself if you fall, then ascend on the left or right to reach the top, where an eagle will allow you to save. From up here, dive to the Black Narwhal for the Achievement, “Ahab.”

A pair of spider tanks will be waiting for you. Focus on one tank at a time, severing its rear legs just as in the first spider tank fight at the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, avoid the explosions of destroyed legs and the blue shockwave attack from the tank’s underbelly. When all of a tank’s legs are severed, jump on its back and attack its exposed core. Repeat this process for the second tank. After the fight, the chairman will come out and use his powers to assemble the destroyed mechs into a giant fighting robot.

The robot will constantly fire missile from its back while sweeping the stage with the flamethrower built into its left hand. You can run behind the robot to evade the moving stream of fire, while frequently dodging to evade missiles. Its right hand can punch the ground to emit a shockwave, forcing you to dodge away. After it attacks with either hand, attack that hand to stagger the robot, then continue hitting it to damage the hand.

After taking damage to a hand, the mech’s attacks with that hand will become more frantic. It will start to hit the ground with multiple shockwaves in a row when the right hand is damaged, and will throw a one-two punch before using its flamethrower when the left hand is damaged. Destroy the armor on a hand completely, and you will be able to sever it. When both arms are severed, dodge when the mech dives at you in the scene.

The mech will now transform into a flying machine. It will shoot missiles when facing you, and it drops a payload of bombs in its path as it flies over you. Shoot the machine’s yellow underbelly to damage it. After taking damage, it will start using a blue laser attack that paints the field with beams, but you can dodge between beams. Continue damaging it, and it will fall out of the sky.

Now it will race across the battlefield with spinning discs for hands, slicing you as it passes if you fail to dodge. After each dodge, shoot the side of the disc while the mech turns around to charge you again. After the discs are destroyed, the mech will use its repeating laser attack again (easily dodged by standing in the center), then charge straight at you, Dodge under the machine and tap the on-screen button to destroy its core.

Approach the old man and listen to him. He has quite a lot of extra dialogue he can say before he starts repeating himself. When you’re ready, go ahead and kill him. After the scene, save at the eagle ahead. In the hangar ahead, shoot the missile launcher and rocket launchers on the catwalks, then fight the foot soldiers. After the fight, a gap will open in the wall block your progress.

The room ahead contains several more waves of foot soldiers. The soldiers are so numerous that you can easily use an ultimate technique and string into a ninpo art several times. After defeating the common soldiers and mercs, a group of alchemists will appear. After killing the alchemists, approach the final one, and when you reach him, finish him off.

Step forward into the hall. After a scene, you will face the alchemist leader again. The basic strategy for fighting him is the same, but his powers have grown. As usual, dodge frequently and follow up his attacks with your own. He now possesses a magic blast attack, which produces a red charge. Of course, his unblockable grab attack has a very similar animation. After defeating him and viewing the scene, try to attack the man in front of you. After another scene, you will earn the Achievement, “Advent of the Goddess.”

2.8) Day 8 – Tokyo, Japan

As you dive, destroy the helicopter with the on-screen button prompt. You’ll land directly in front of a spider tank. You’ll find that you can now easily sever its legs with a few strikes, and then destroy its generator. You should now be able to kill the basic soldiers ahead with ease using the power of your katana. Proceed onward, and you’ll see a blast from the goddess crystalize above, and new soldiers will attack.

Shoot the missile launcher on the stairs first, then fight the shield wielders and soldiers. After the fight, head up the stairs. At the top, you will be fired upon with missiles. Evade by jumping and killing the shooter with a Falcon Dive. Shoot the missile launcher ahead, then continue until a helicopter crashes in front of you. Dodge underneath the helicopter as it falls toward you.

Now you’ll face a horde of trogolodytes. As you fight, you’ll start to get an unlimited number of ultimate techniques, and then the curse on your arm will activate. After fighting the demons in this state for a while, your allies from Hayabusa Village will come to assist you, allowing you to advance. Momiji also gives you her magatama, presumably to keep the curse under control.

After the scene, run down the street and slide under the fallen pole. On your left, several soldiers will emerge. Shoot the soldier holding the missile launcher at the top of the street, then worry about his comrades. After the fight, proceed up the street to fight a group of alchemists. After the battle, save using the eagle by the wall, then climb the wall.

Jump from here and perform a Falcon Dive to instantly kill a spider mech, then engage another alchemist squad. They now have a self-sacrificing explosion attack where they fly up in the air and swoop down to explode, but if you evade this, they’ll be sacrificing themselves for naught. After the alchemists, fight a group of soldiers, including a missile launcher in the back. After the fight, head into an alley on your right and wall jump up at the end.

Shoot down the air troopers, then leap over the helicopter’s missiles and take it down in midair by pressing the on-screen button. You’ll land among a horde of zombies that will turn into chimera when killed. As you proceed down the street, you will encounter more hordes of chimera and zombies, making it easy to run through and get all of the enemies to chase you, then use ninpo on all of them at once. Head to the end of the street, and as you approach a footpath on your left, there’s an eagle on the mailbox, allowing you to save.

Proceed to the building ahead and speak to Muramasa. Mizuki will then meet up with you and take you for a drive. When air troopers start harrassing you, use your bow to take them out. The next enemy group will show up to the right of the vehicle, then on the left. Next, they attack from behind again, then on the left again. After passing through the tunnel, be ready for enemies on your right. After that, shoot the helicopters tailing you and the enemies they deploy. Shoot down the enemies on the right, and you’ll come to another tunnel.

Next, enemy trucks will come up behind you. Keep shooting at them, and more trucks will keep filling in, and they’ll all be shooting missiles. At the drop off ahead, jump from the truck with Mizuki. Your arm will act up again and slow you down, but keep walking forward with Mizuki at your side. When a monster leaps onto you, tap the fast attack button and move the stick to struggle while Mizuki shoots it off of you.

Ahead, you’ll encounter Cliff again. He will transform into a four-armed monster and immediately begin shooting white energy bolts at you. Dodge them, then when the blasts abate, approach Cliff and attack. His normal attacks can be blocked and countered, but when his fists glow, dodge away to avoid an unblockable grab attack. When he takes enough damage, his hands will start glowing purple, and you’ll want to get outside the large ring that appears around him or take massive damage.

Each time you sever Cliff’s limbs, they will grow back. After severing his limbs three times, he will fly up in the air and rain bolts down on you from above, along with lasers. Try using the bow, and he will erase it. Now he will shoot lasers at you while you fight trogolodytes. After killing them, use the ultimate technique to hit Cliff. Attack him when he falls, then when he flies back up, fight another wave of trogolodytes and then use the ultimate technique. The second time, a scene will ensue, and you will get the Achievement, “Brothers.”

With your new ally, head under the escalator and save at the eagle. With his help, fight off the trogolodytes ahead and ascend the ramp. At the top, jump down and engage more trogolodytes ahead. Afterward, head up the highway and Falcon Dive at the broken point on your left, killing one trogolodyte on the way down. Finish the rest of them, then follow your ally to the wall jump point and use it.

Fight off the trogs until your curse starts to weaken you. Use it to kill enemies while you can, as your ally will cure you after a few seconds. After finishing all the enemies on this roof, a crashing helicopter will create a convenient bridge for you. Jump down from the end of the bridge to a roof with more trogs to fight. Chimera will join them, but an ultimate technique can finish them instantly. After the fight, head up the side of the wall by kunai climbing.

Up here, you’ll face waves of trogs and brute chimera. After the fight, head to the break in the railing and glide down to the helicopter landing pad. Try to attack the wall ahead, and a scene will ensue. With the field dispelled, step forward, and you’ll have to face your own ally. The mechanics are largely the same as all of his previous fights. At the end of the fight, he will have his redemption, and your curse will be cured, earning you the Achievement, “Atonement.”

Remember this scene, from the beginning of the game? Step forward, and the goddess will swing her blade at you. Jump toward the goddess, evading a magic blast, and strike her with your blade, then mash the attack button to slice her in half. She will reform, so approach her again, dodge a magic blast, and stab the goddess in the head. Tap the button, and the scene will end, and you’ll have to face the goddess in actual combat.

Dodge the magic blasts coming at you while the goddess emerges. Trogs will descend into the arena and attack you while the goddess shoots you with magic and slaps the ground you’re standing on. Kill the trogs until your ninpo fills, then use it to attack the goddess. Tap the attack button to damage the goddess’s mask, then block her sword strike. Slice the goddess in the scene by tapping the attack button, and she will fall down.

Run toward the goddess and strike her arm, then jump up and attack her head. Keep tapping to damage her mask further. When she rises, avoid her magic blasts and grabs. When she swings her arm down, attack it. When her arm takes enough damage to make her draw close, she will start attacking with her sword. Evade her swings, and attack her arm again to make her start destroying the platform. Continue damaging her arm as she frantically swings it down, and part of the roof will crack. Get off this section before she knocks it down.

Block the goddess’s final swing and tap the attack button to repel it. This will allow you to recover the Dragon Sword. Infusing it with your magatama, using it to strike the goddess’s head and shatter her helmet, revealing Canna inside. Tap the button again, and Ryu will destroy the goddess and catch Canna. An ending scene will ensue, and you will get the Achievement, “Hero,” plus additional achievements for completing the game on higher difficulties if applicable. Congratulations on completing Ninja Gaiden 3.

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