Man in the Too-High Tower Puzzle

Man in the Too-High Tower Puzzle

Another of those multipart miniquests where it is vitally important not to wander too far. You can start this by talking to the young lady in the moat or the gentleman atop the tower. The former's a better bet, though- that's where the puzzling starts.

Dig up the nearby dirtpile, and assemble the pieces to create a lever on the nearby tower. Pull the lever to set some platforms popping in and out.

Fly up the wall and follow the slidey tiles to a vine-blocked doorway.

Use magic to shrink the vine back to seedling, then push the vineblock back down the slidey path.

Push it to the tower window to unroll it as a ladder.

Nip back to the vine and age it all the way forward, until it sprouts climbing bars.

Use magic to mindcontrol the damsel- in a good way.

Jump up the platforms, climb the ladder, then the vinebars, to reunite the couple, and earn a brick.

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