Crime Crisis

Crime Crisis

A sidequest that starts in Sakaar. Your earliest chance to get Black Widow, one of the few character with the valuable Stealth skill.

Talk to Widow & Hawkeye for the mission, then head to the first patrol point in Nueva York.

Beat up some convicts- mostly normals with a few shields and two flamers.

Head to the next point- still in Nueva, but by the glowing rectangle near the shoreline. Here you'll face a similar mix of enemies, more more of them, and a few with silver armor.

Now you need to go check on Widow. NOTE: When you get close, be sure to cease any flying or swinging, and approach on foot. Other forms of locomotion may glitch the next cutscene, requiring you the restart the mission.

When you catch up with Widow, her symbiote problems are real. Smash the convicts, then beat her up until the symbiote detaches.

More goons will drop in, smash them and the blobby symbiote itself. Ground pounds are good for this sort of thing.

When Widow is freed and her attackers destroyed, repeat the same thing with Hawkeye. As before, approach the final few yards on foot so as not to jinx his assimilation.

This fight follows the same rules as the last one- complete it to unlock Black Widow for purchase.

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