Castle Hassle

Castle Hassle

This is the guide to the story mode version of Castle Hassle. The complete collectibles guide is here.

Castle Hassle is one of two levels available after completing Avengers World Tour and the webslinging interlude. In this level, guide Cap, Gamora, StarLord and Groot through a portal. The phantom blue studs will point the way (though they don't actually grant any currency).

You'll arrive in Olden Times, and be greeted by a Black Knight. Speak with him for a mission to free his castle from the clutches of perfidy.

Follow him to the castle. From time to time, evil minions will teleport in via flashes of purple light.

Knock them down with Cap's shield or StarLord's blasters, for preference.

When you reach the gates you'll have a choice to continue or explore the world.

Continue when ready.

There's a cutscene with some ID reveals, and a team shake-up. You'll lose Captain America, but gain Doc Strange and Captain Avalon.

There's a lot to smash here, but when ready, get Strange to the dangling cage stage left of the drawbridge.

Use your magic, and then twirl your controls as shown to move the cage backward or forwards in time.

You'll want to first move it forward in time, until it's old, broken, and on the ground. Move Groot into the cage, then switch back to Strange to reverse time, and pull the elevator up to the top.

Follow Wasp's advice to turn Groot into a sphere, and open the portcullis.

Enchantress will appear and summon some skeleton warriors. They do have shields, but you can use power attacks, area attacks, or quick character swaps to bypass them.

Destroy them and chase off Enchantress, then smash everything in the space where she was. This will allow you to build something that looks a bit like a guillotine.

It turns out to be a battering ram frame. Have Groot interact with it to become the ram. He smashes the door, and a spiky ball rolls down and smashes the spears stage right of the drawbridge. Slice away the vines there to reveal a button.

Actually, it's a portal projector. Interact with it as Strange to forge a way to Enchantress' current location.

There's a semi-broken panel right in front of the magic apple fueling Enchantress' power. Smash it with Groot to reveal a gravity booster, and activate it with Star Lord.

This allows Strange to use his time-mojo on the apple. Run the clock forward until it's nothing but a useless core.

This triggers another scene switcheroo – you'll lose Gamora and Groot, while the remainder of the team winds up in a hall of traps. Use Doctor Strange to make all the traps stop moving, which is efficient, but not very fun.

Magic the wheel Captain America is bound to to send him spinning to freedom.

Use the smashed remains of the wheel to construct a Captain America platform, then hurl his shield at the shield bumper past the gate.

This triggers the final fight against Black Knight Garrett.

He's vaguely Kraven-esque, and as with Kraven you'll just want to keep bringing the hurt, but not getting into melee when he's swinging his staff. He can also fire his lance like a gun, which I'm not sure is quite knightly. The other threat to watch out for is waves of minions that keep pouring in from stage left. Cap's shield is an excellent way to keep putting them down.

The shield also works against the Knight, though melee attacks are quicker and more damaging. Strange's mix of short and moderate range melee attacks do nice work here. When the Black Knight finally falls, it triggers a scene which completes the level.

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