I Sphinx We Have a Problem

I Sphinx We Have a Problem

One big dungeon crawl. Or two little ones, depending on your point of view. Once the party gets split up in cutscene, you regain control with Team Cosmic Power.

Your first order of business is to deal with the mummies. They keep spawning until their coffins are destroyed (not sure how that works), so make a point of destroying the coffins as soon as possible.

When clear, use Marvel to melt all the gold statue bases.

Use the the pieces to build a rotary switch. Push it to open the downstage wall.

Ignore the upstage vent, but do open the Hulk-Handled coffin next to it- open all three in the level and you win a prize.

Clear the mummies and their spawn points from this new room, and solve another double-square rune in the middle to earn some puzzle-piece blocks.

Levitate into the four slots above the mural, matching the order shown on either side of the mural.

This reveals a portal spot. Activate it with Strange and step through- the action will shift to Team Muscles.

Smash the cracked panel for the pieces to build a giant scarab beetle. If you were wondering where giant scarab beetles come from.

This beetle has the Dig ability, so use it on the three dirt piles around the steps.

Use the revealed pieces to build a dynamite bundle plus plunger, and blow the door.

As Cap, nimbly dodge through this hallway. Don't linger, the light tiles fall away after a few seconds, and the trap-looking tiles are traps.

Hit the button at the end of the hall to disable the fire-arrows.

Fight a scorpion and smash some mummy-spawns, then smash the litter at the top of the steps to reveal a Cap-pad

If you like, you can also go back for your scarab, and dig up the the dirtpile at the upstage dead end. There's a mess of minikit pieces there if you want them.

Use the shield base, then have Hulk smash the cracked panel that is revealed.

Behind this is a button, which Cap can press to get you access to the upper level. Smash the guard-scorpion, and destroy more mummy spawners. There's another of those Hulk-Handled scorpion sarcophagi here as well.

Back toward the stairs you came up, push the headless skeleton on the chair down the slidey path.

Dumping him (?) over the edge switches you back to the Cosmics.

Head down the newly opened passage, and walk over some sliding tiles Frogger-style to fight a scorpion.

The button at the end will fix the tiles in place. Head right and lazer all the gold off a statue.

Use the pieces to build a console for the Wadjet Eye sliding puzzle (this one's for you, Dave!)

You can solve this quickly just by reversing the scramble moves. Slide the piece in the lower-right corner into the empty spot, and keeping moving that empty spot counter clockwise until the puzzle is restored (don't touch the centre piece- it's exactly where it should be).

This opens up a new passage. Quickly move past the traps and fragile tiles to a petite sphinx in quicksand.

Have Strange move it backward in time until it, well, barfs up a bunch of pieces.

Build these pieces into an Ankh lever, then hang from it to open a new section. The scene switches back to our muscle-boys.

Use the fixed panels down the hall to leap over the quicksand.

Smash everything here, including the hourglass. Note that, weirdly, the scorpion inside the Hulk-Handled coffin may escape early. Killing it triggers your minikit acquisition, even the coffin itself hasn't been opened yet.

Hit the button near this end of the quicksand to raise some stepping stones.

At the stage right end of the passage, have Banner or Hulk stand on the panel where the hourglass used to be, and swing across the chasm as Cap.

The button at the end raises some (moving) jump pads. Spring across them as Hulk (he jumps much farther than puny Banner).

Tear open the door, and use the pieces to build a second Ankh switch.

This will open the Big Door. Proceed through for a final confrontation.

The Pharoah is revealed as Loki, and your two heaviest hitters are taken off the field as you face the Living Mummy.

Smash the mummy-spawners, then use the highlighted rubble to build a deflector plate.

Have Cap turn LM's beam right back at him. The mummy will dive into some quicksand (an unexpected tactic). Beat up scorpions and giant mummies until he re-emerges.

When he starts to sling his beam around again, he'll blast open a wall upstage left. Smash open the cracked panel, and uses the pieces to build another deflector plate.

This time you get a shot at the mummy himself. He'll dodge around the stage a lot with his quicksand trick, and can paralyze PCs with a beam attack. If this happens, just switch to another and keep hammering him.

His death takes you to the end of the mission.

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