No Eson of Mine

Mission 1 – No Eson of Mine

Note that these Story Mission guides are just for getting from one end of the mission to the other during your first run. See our Collectibles section for getting all the collectible items and achievements in the game- the collectible guide for this mission is here.

Kick things off in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 with the tutorial mission 'No Eson of Mine.' For a tutorial, it's a little stingy with gameplay details, so we're here to help. When you first gain player control, you'll be playing as Star Lord.

Start by smashing the place up. Everything you destroy adds valuable LEGO studs to your total- these can be used to unlock Gold Bricks and buy powerups. Note that studs freed by breaking things do disappear after a few seconds, so be quick to snap them up.

Further note that, when hidden from the camera view, a little trading card version of your minifig will pop up onscreen, showing your position.

Smash the stuff stage left, then stage right. Here you'll notice a couple of other things. One- the trading card of Captain America by the flames. This means that Cap (or someone with similar powers), is needed to deal with this particular obstacle. Since no one in your team qualifies, you'll have to play this level again later if you want to try it out. This is true throughout the game- you're not going to get everything, or even most things on the first playthrough, so don't stress about it.

The other thing you'll notice is the pile of wreckage that doesn't fade away like rest, instead glowing and bouncing. Like other LEGO games, this indicates a device waiting to be constructed. Draw close and use your BUILD button to create a laser device. This is something else you don't have the power set for, but constructing it does give you a rush of studs.

Move toward the camera, still smashing. Ignore the sparkling mixtape (yet another power for later), and keep going forward until you get a dialogue about an emergency override. Smash the debris by a pillar stage-right to reveal a large red button.

Activate it with Starlord to dump a bunch of pieces in the hallway. Use BUILD with them to construct a rotary push-switch.

Walk into it from the green side, turning it 180 degrees. This releases the hatch and reveals a platform button. Stand on it to take the elevator down.

Follow Wasp's advice, and throw one of Starlord's gravity mines at the glowing thing in the far corner, stage left.

Smash everything remaining, scoop up the coins, then hit the revealed red button to open up the exit hatch.

Cutscene on down to the planet, and then it's time to do the town.

Do go ahead and smash everything you see, as per usual. If enemies or hazards deplete your health (the four hearts by your portrait in the upper left), the best way to gain more is by defeating more enemies, who will inevitably drop hearts. Smashing environmental objects only yields studs.

Once you draw near the center of the level, you'll notice the civilians in danger. There are three groups, and you'll need to rescue each one to clear the level. The first group is trapped by flame on the upper level of a building.

As Starlord, fly up and take a look (fly by hitting JUMP, then JUMP again while in midair. Arrow keys move you left/right, to/fro, but JUMP and CANCEL move you up and down). Just stage left of where the remaining stairs end is a pressure plate. Land on it to activate the nearby ladder.

Your teammates will swarm up it. Smash everything in the room and SWITCH to Drax. Use him to attack the 'moderately damaged door' stage right.

Use the switch inside the door to release a fire-fighting drone. The flames are quenched and the civvies run to the evac ship.

Back with the heroes, the floor explodes, dropping them down to a level with a rotary switch.

Turn it to open a closet full of building blocks. BUILD them to make a giant geodesic ball that you climb inside. Use it to crush everything in your path.

This short runs ends by revealing a gravity booster. Smash everything nearby for credits, then use Starlord to activate the booster, and clear the wreckage beyond.

This reveals some super-strength handles, which Drax is able to use. A little minigame appears as you make the attempt-  just hit the indicated button as quickly as you can until the meter fills.

This frees the trapped civvies here, who also evacuate. It also triggers the approach of the Milano, and Rocket & Groot join the team. Which is handy, because only Rocket has a power which can destroy silver blocks. Silver blocks like the ones holding the final group of civvies.

Once Rocket's grenade has freed them, they'll need a path to safety. Switch to Groot, and have him activate the twitching pile of branches stage right. This creates the needed bridge, though given how high everyone jumps, in scarcely seems necessary.

The action shifts to an enemy ship attacking the Milano. Note the pile of constructable bricks surrounded by flame, center stage.

Use the pile to build a transmitter, then as Rocket, activate the mechanism to deploy the Milano's turret.

Fly up as Starlord, activate the turret (using the SWITCH button, oddly enough) and engage the enemy. It's just point and shoot, but there is some lag time on your bullets, so lead the target a bit as it waffles left and right.

Killing the ship leads to the last fight of the level, and the first boss fight of the game- against Eson the Searcher.

The first order of business is to smash apart the burning spaceship here for parts, but you're not strong enough to do it yourselves. Linger close to the ship until Eson smashes it for you (though he'll do it on his own eventually).

Use the parts to build the gravity mine booster, then activate it as Star Lord.

Wait for the time-chaos to settle, then jump up into the reformed ship. Ignore Eson's extremely vulnerable looking guts, and focus fire on his laser-hand.

The next step of the attack is two-parter. As Starlord, go stand on the pressure plate in Eson's damaged hand.

Switch to Drax, and run to the revealed catapult-panel in Eson's arm. It will immediately fling you upward.

You'll automatically catch a rope up top. Leap forward, and smash the panel.

Activate the switch within, listen to the dialogue prompt, then switch to Starlord. Open fire on Eson's exposed interior.

The explosion reveals a gravity mine booster, which you should toss a gravity mine at.

More explosions, and more gravity. But don't get out of your seat yet- there'll be a little quicktime event to avoid being sucked into the maelstrom yourself.

Survive this to complete the mission, unlock free play, and add Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot to your roster.

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