Noir Night-Mayor

Noir Night-Mayor

When the cutscene ends, you and your gang are breaking into Fisk Tower.

As you advance, some goons will run through a door at the far end of the hall, giving you motivation to pursue. Before following, tag the hanging pennants over by the filing cabinets. There's a level goal to destroy five, and this is the first.

Move ahead and smash the lamp under the Fisk portrait for some pieces.

These let you build a wall switch. Hang from it to open the locked door.

This causes several things to drop to the floor in a shower of pieces. Also: goon attack.

Kill all the goons and assemble all the pieces to yield a Marvel vent, a fan to blow you up there, and a platform to land on as you enter it.

Send Ms Marvel through the vent, then have her yank the door handles to let the rest of the gang in.

While you have her on point, use her to run the laser maze connected to the radio, and yank open the dragon case as well.

Use Danny's Chi to charge the dragon, This works exactly like using Thor to charge an electrical port.

This yields a Marvel pad you can use to open the safe.

Use the new pieces to build a giant phone, which overloads the switchboards here. You'll get this room's final batch of pieces, but before advancing, be sure to break the pennants by the entrance.

Use those switchboard pieces to build door handles, then pull open the doors for your first dose of Hammerhead.

He runs on ahead (as it were), but destroy his goons, and everything else in the hall here, including the pennants up above.

Kamala is the only member of the troupe without some kind of danger sense, so use her to explore the big round room at the end of the hall. When you're ready, switch to any of the others and approach the question-mark zone to trigger an attack, which you can deflect via quicktime event.

Fight off Hammie and his goons. His attacks are rote and predictable, and Kamala remains a brawling machine.

When Ham reaches half health, he'll pull a gun and knock down a chandelier. Now's a good time to use Danny's Chi to melt down the gold Fisk statue for a minikit.

Note also that the last two pennant strings are here, on the windows left and right of the far doors. Destroying them all is good for another minikit.

When ready, build a camera from the chandelier pieces, and yank the loop with Spidey or Kamala to blind Hammerhead.

Pummel him normally, and your squad will enter the Kingpin's big shindig, and face off against Elektra Noir.

As Kamala, just smash everything. If you must pay attention to what you're smashing, you may take special note of the pink later cakes- there are five here, and smashing them all earns a minikit.

Stan Lee is downstage right, being menaced by thugs in a darkish corner. Smash them too, to win Stan's freedom.

When Elektra has also been smashed, two handles will be revealed beneath 'Pin's car. Pull them off, and build a Marvel trackball to spin his car around.

Turn it so that the glowy engine on the back is visible, then blow it up with a Chi beam.

The car will start spinning wildly, but the energy shields around the guns are now down. Take them out as they spin by.

When both are blown apart, a fresh wave of goons will attack. Smash 'em, then use Kamala in the trackball port again to kill the headlights.

Use the gun fragments to build a mystery device which turns out to be a self-destruct button. Stand on it to blow up the car.

Now you face the man himself.

Use the fresh debris to build a jukebox, and operate it to crank up Kingpin's favorite tunes.

He'll dance, then tire and grow dizzy. Hit him while he's vulnerable.

Keep up the cycle until the mission completes.

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