The Punisher Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

The Punisher Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

The Punisher

Classic Punisher costume

Create a new profile and enter ” NAILGUN ” as a case-sensitive name to unlock the classic Punisher costume.

90’s Punisher costume

Create a new profile and enter ” WOODCHIPPER ” as a case-sensitive name to unlock the 90’s Punisher costume.

Modern Punisher costume

Create a new profile and enter ” CEILINGFAN ” as a case-sensitive name to unlock the modern Punisher costume.

Cheat mode

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Create a new profile and enter ” V PIRATE ” as a case-sensitive name, including the space. All missions, challenge modes, punishment modes, armory, war journal stuff, comic covers, concept art, flashbacks, movies, skins, and cheats will be unlocked. Note: Style points will not be awarded while this code is enabled. Alternately, get a gold medal rank on the indicated level to unlock the corresponding cheat in an apartment sub-menu. Note: You cannot progress in the game if any cheats are enabled.

    Crazy Deaths: Lucky’s Bar
    Gun Splitters: Crack House
    Infinite Ammo: Pier 74 Revisited
    Invulnerability: All levels
    No Reload: Stark Towers
    One Shot, One Kill: Ryker’s Island
    Infinite Slaughter Mode: Takagi Building


Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    .40 caliber submachine gun: Gnucci Estate
    .45 caliber machine pistol : Chop Shop
    .50 caliber semi-automatic pistol: Igor Baltiysky
    5.56mm machine pistol : Grey’s Funeral Home
    5.56mm assault rifle: Central Zoo
    5.7mm submachine gun: Fisk Industries
    7.62mm assault rifle: Pier 74
    Anti-tank weapon: Pier 74 Revisted
    Auto shotgun: Takagi Building
    Battle rifle: Stark Towers
    Flame thrower: Igor Baltiysky
    Grenade launcher: Pier 74
    Hand cannon: Gnucci Estate
    Machine gun: Grey’s Funeral Home
    Revolver: Lucky’s Bar
    Sniper rifle: Grand Nixon Island

Concept art

Get at least a bronze medal rank on each level to unlock concept art.

Comic covers

Successfully complete challenge and punishment modes to unlock all comic covers.

Alternate opening sequence

Allow the game to remain idle at the “Press Start” screen for about twenty seconds to view an alternate opening with different dialogue and scenes.

Easy points

To achieve a high score, grab a human shield and use him. Shoot some enemies and try not to get hit. The longer you go without getting hit, the higher your points get. However, if you somehow get hit your points are rounded up and you must start again with not getting hit.

Easy style points

If you get hit once by your enemies, your style points will be on your score, and it would not be good enough for a massive score. Always take your time. Do not rush into every room because there is no time limit. If you are having difficulty shooting them, try aiming for precise headshots to kill them instantly. Use interrogations first then do the quick kill on them. Watch your back and keep an eye on enemy numbers. Be aware of where they are going to attack from and defeat multiple enemies without getting hit. This is the easiest way to achieve style points. Additionally, try the Golden Skulls special kills. White Skulls are special interrogation zones. If a mission’s medal score seems to difficult for you on the stats screen, replay the level for another attempt. Use the Right Analog-stick fine aim mode for headshots. Mix up the violence in this game to achieve style points. Headshots is the best strategy to take down heavily armored opponents.

Quick reload

Instead of pressing A to perform the action, keep switching between weapons to automatically reload them. Additionally, press A to reload your gun then press Black in any direction to perform another special tactical reload. Both tactical reloads will work as long as you do not do it in the middle of combat. Try using it for weapons that take a long time to reload, such as the M60 hell on earth machine guns.

Special kills

When you grab enemies with skulls over their heads, you can get information from them. In order to do special kills, you must walk over to a purple skull shining out of the ground with the enemy. To do this, you must grab him and take him over to the purple skull. Then, use his own method.


You can use interrogations on enemies to help reveal secret rooms, flashbacks, locations where you can find weaponry, and other information. If the enemy’s voice echoes, you have unlocked a flashback. To interrogate an enemy, run up to him and press A (grab). Then press A(2) to perform an interrogation from punch, face smash, choke, gun tension. For a general interrogation gun tension must be used with small firearms like the .45 pistols and submachine guns. Special Interrogations must be found by grabbing a human shield and taking him to a white skull zone. You can always practice general interrogation or special ones. If performing interrogations are too difficult, try the following tips:

    Press Y to display a help screen with the special interrogations.

    Turn on the subtitles to read what they say once interrogated. To do this, go to “Options” on the apartment menu and choose “Closed Caption”.

    The bar at the bottom is their stress level status. Get them in the orange zone at the numbers should count down from 3 seconds. If it reaches zero, you have broken the criminal.

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    Always weaken your enemies to stress them easier, but make sure they have plenty of life. The bar at the top is their health status.

    Try not to kill the enemy you are interrogating. It’s an interrogation because style points will be lost if you get too aggressive.

    If you see enemies with a white skull above their head, it indicates you need that person. He may have information on how to unlock an armory.

    The orange bar will keep getting smaller as you progress throughout the harder levels, making it a more challenging interrogation.

    To interrogate harder enemies you may need to weaken them slightly. Use the Left Analog-stick and the directions to control the interrogation.

Scared or disgusted enemies

If you get close enough (just slightly further than the Quick Kill/Grab point) an enemy will sometimes (especially in the earlier levels) back off, wave his hands as if to say “don’t shoot” then say similar to “It– it’s you!!!!”; giving you time to shoot him. Also, sometimes by performing a quick kill near another enemy, sometimes they will put a hand over their mouth as though they are about to vomit, and say something similar to “I think I’m gonna be sick!” or “Oh my God!” followed by a vomiting sound. This also gives you some extra time to shoot the enemy. Note: This does not work on all Yakuza gang members.


Interrogate enemies normally. If their words echoes, this indicates that you have unlocked a flashback. Replay the levels to unlock more of them.

Funeral home

When you reach the funeral home level, do not jump up and just shoot everyone. If you get out of the casket and do a quick kill on everyone in the room, you will earn a lot more points. You should keep one of them alive to use as a human shield. None of them have guns in that room.

Easy points at Stark Towers

At the end of the level, just before you destroy the helicopter and after all the enemies on the ground are dead, stand just outside the last door (when leaving the building stay to the right, but turn back towards the door). An enemy keeps respawning, and he comes out the same way every time. Grab him as soon as he comes out and take him back inside to interrogate, then kill him. Go back outside and wait to do it all over again. If done correctly, the helicopter will not hit you, and you can really rack up the point multiplier. Use all the different interrogations you can and alternate quick kills with knock outs (Y), to boost the multiplier. You can get up to 450,000 points to spend on character upgrades by doing this about one hour.

Fisk Industries in Challenge mode

For this Challenge mode to be completed, you must kill 39 of Fisk’s men, not including Bullseye, without reloading or picking up another weapon. After fighting Bullseye and after he jumps down to the next level, point your weapon upwards towards on a hole in the ceiling and shoot at the boxes. The boxes will fall down and a hidden guard will appear. He will not make himself known unless this is done. If you made it to the end of the Challenge and notice that only one guard is missing, this is where he will be.

Defeating Bullseye

When in KingPin’s office, throw grenades at him. Do not try to shoot him unless you aim for the head; bullets do not hurt him. Just keep throwing grenades until he dies. Additionally, in the Fisks Industries level, you must fight someone called Bullseye. Bullseye is a hired bodyguard for the Kingpin. He is called that because he is always 100% when using weapons, even with a firearm. You cannot hit him on the body. He wears advanced armor that cannot be penetrated. His only weakness is his head. Just shoot him there. Do not stand there for more grenades to appear to throw or for use with the assault rifle’s grenade launcher. Once Bullseye is defeated in stage 1, he will run to the elevator and disappear. In stage 2, you should be in a room with a nail gun interrogation and a lot of boarded up beams. Stage 2 will commence once he says “Hey Frank, about time you got here”. Use the same strategy as before. Always aim for his head. Once his life is reduced to a certain point, you can move on. Eventually you should finally encounter him in Kingpin’s office. Do the same thing here. Once he has no remaining energy, you have defeated him.

Defeating Bushwacker

To defeat Bushwacker you must do two things. First, aim for his head and fire. Eventually, his glasses will fall off. Once, his glasses are off it is a free for all as long as you have some flashbangs. If you do not have flashbangs, then just kill some henchmen and they will drop some. Begin launching flashbangs near Bushwacker and he will get disoriented. When he starts moving around like he is drunk, start shooting him. He will begin to fire his weapon, but most of the time he is inaccurate. He eventually will die after enough damage is taken.

Defeating the chopper at Stark Towers

When you reach this part of the level, you may be compelled to take the sniper rifle to your left. You can if desired, but it is not required. If you want to get out quick, run to the middle rock near the edge (where the chopper is flying). You will find an anti-tank launcher (rocket launcher) and what may be an unlimited ammo cache. Try to aim for the man with the rocket launcher in the chopper (usually on the right). After you hit him, keep firing missiles at the chopper. Make sure that you strafe (or at least keep moving), as there are snipers in almost all directions around you.

Defeating Jigsaw

Jigsaw is quite possibly the easiest fight in the game (if played smart). First, take out Jigsaw’s jet pack. Simply walk over to a cargo crate. Make sure that you can see Jigsaw, but he cannot see or hit you. If you wait, Jigsaw will come to you. When he gets close enough, run under him. Then, just shoot his backpack and stay under Jigsaw. After a little cat and mouse, an intermission sequence will play. Jigsaw is now on foot. Jigsaw’s way of defense are ten fast blasts and a large plasma ball. You will need to run in between boxes to throw him off your path. Run around until you see a guard, then finish him quick. The guard will drop a RAM explosive. These are used by walking up to a wall and pressing Secondary Fire once (while RAM is selected). The charge is now armed and ready for detonation. Get Jigsaw’s attention by letting him see you. He will run after you. When he gets near the RAM, press your Secondary Fire again (maintain safe distance) and an explosion will blow off a piece of Jigsaw’s armor. Repeat this procedure until Jigsaw falls to your punishment. Additionally, when you are fighting Jigsaw, get under him when he is in the air and shoot his jetpack. When he turns around, get behind him and shoot him again. Plant mines on the ground and detonate them when he walks by to finish him.

Defeating the Russian on the island

When you get off of the gondola, take a right into the shed. Do not go to the launch pad yet. Get the ammunition for the sniper rifle. Leave the shed and make a right to the steps to the missile launch pad. Walk up the steps and the Russian will say “We have to stop meeting like this, Big Boy!”. He will stay on the catwalk above, throwing flaming barrels at you. Shooting him is useless. Watch the Russian through your more precise aiming (it is easier this way). When he lifts a barrel, he will walk a little way, lift it above his head, and it will catch fire. Shoot the barrel while it is on fire before he throws it at you. It will explode in his face. After two or three explosions, guards will begin to appear from the right and left sides of the map. Take them out if they give you a problem, however try to focus on the Russian. After the Russian’s life gets half-way down, an intermission sequence featuring him catching ablaze will play. He will then jump down and chase after you. Get him to chase you into the piles of barrels scattered in the corners of the map. There is one barrel in each pile that will light (usually the brightest one). Get the Russian to walk into the barrel and it will ignite. Then, shoot the barrel to blow it up on the Russian. Be careful not to get too close or you will sustain damage. After about four to five explosions, he will be defeated. Note: If the Russian runs into a guard, the guard will also catch fire.

Captain American and Sunfire reference

In the Takagi Building, after you interrogate a member of the Eternal Sun he runs into the bathroom to distract Yasuke. He then asks Yasuke who would win in a fight between Captain America and Captain Japan. Yasuke says that there is no Captain Japan, that his name is Sunfire, and that Sunfire would probably win. Captain America is from the Captain America/Avengers comics and Sunfire is from the X-Men comics.

Comic book reference

In the Funeral Home level, one of the Gnucci’s tells you that you can get in a room by tilting the statue in the bedroom. The statue is that of a polar bear. This is a tribute to Garth Ennis’ “Welcome Back, Frank” comic, because Ma Gnucci is mauled by a polar bear in the zoo after Frank punches it in the face.

Daredevil references

When in Lucky’s bar, two men will be talking. One asks “Who do you think would win in a fight between Daredevil and Sonny Corleone?” The other one will say, “You idiot. Daredevil’s a comic book character.” Daredevil comics were made by the same company that made The Punisher comics. The irony is that later The Punisher’s lawyer is Matt Murdoch (the real life identity of Daredevil). Also, later two Yakuza will be talking about Daredevil talking on one hundred of their men hopped up on some drugs. Additionally, after the battle with Bullseye, Frank’s blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil’s alter ego) comes in and Frank fires him.

Half-Life reference

At the beginning of the Stark Towers level when the Yakuza start their attack, the scientists working behind the glass talk about an interdimensional portal, and one refers to the other as Doctor Freeman. Gordon Freeman is the main character in the popular Half-Life game series by Valve Software.

Hulk reference

Go to any laptop during game play and look directly at the screen. The figure of the Hulk will appear, flexing.

Iron Man reference

When the chopper first starts shooting at you, Iron Man flies in to give you a quick heads up. He then flies around the corner of the building.

Programming reference

In Fisk Industries, when you interrogate the man to ask how to stop the turrets, he tells you the access code is “217”. That is the area code for Champaign, IL, where the game was developed.

Sesame Street reference

If you choose to side with the Mafia at the slaughterhouse, when you get to a certain point you will hear two men. One will say “Damn they killed Ernie!” The other will say, “First Bert, now Ernie. We’ll get those bastards.” Bert and Ernie are the names of Sesame Street characters.

Spider-Man reference

During the intermission sequence immediately after the Crackhouse level, look closely at the license plate of the car that tries to hit Frank. Notice that it reads “ASM129”. The Punisher first made his appearance in “Amazing Spider Man issue #129”.

Writer reference

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The first guard you encounter in Ryker’s will be held up by a prisoner. The prisoner refers to him by the name “Dixon”. He is named after Chuck Dixon, a writer for the Punisher comics, Daredevil comics, and Marvel Knights comics.

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