What’s Klaw’s is Mined

What's Klaw's is Mined

This guide is for the story mode of What's Klaw's is Mined- find our complete collectibles guide here.

In the aftermath of Avengers World Tour, choose the Spiderman team and walk through the designated portal to find yourself in Wakanda.

Follow the phantom trail of studs to the door where you last saw Klaw.

The door itself is too strong to batter down, but there is a Hulk-Handled door to the to right of it. Use She-Hulk to open that, and reveal a puzzle.

Have Spidey interact with the controls . You can now move a white arrow cursor to any hub in the grid, and rotate that section of pieces. The goal is to connect the green hubs to each other, and the blue hubs to each other. The solution looks like this.

Enter the cave to trigger a long cutscene where Black Panther joins the squad, and your goal to maneuver a cart of explosives through a large cavern is revealed. Begin by using Black Panther's tracking ability.

This will lead him to uncover some pieces you can use to build a push-handle for the cart.

Note the purple stud inside the non-Legoish hatch to the left.

Push the cart into the hopper. It will appear on the other side of the lava-cart tracks. Some new pieces will appear next to the hopper on your side, which can be built into a large pull-lever. Pull it to close the lava-cart lids, allowing you to cross over, and tear open the Hulk door.

Keep moving right and smash the cracked panel open.

This reveals another laser maze for Kamala to hack. Remember that the white traps are only active in certain orientations- so you can either dodge past the glowing spark, or rotate the maze to maneuver past them while deactivated.

As Spidey, climb up next to the crane, where the Spidey Sense arrows are dancing. When the box above you falls, obey the prompt to leap clear.

The resulting pieces can be used to make crane controls. Use them to lift the blue block clear of the tracks.

While you're here, you might as well lift the second block to reveal a minikit.

Push the cart into the elevator, then climb up the shaft after it.

Fight the goons up top. Some are armored- you can cut through them with Black Panther's claws, or you can knock them into the flame-throwers upstage.

The flamers themselves can be dizzied by projectiles, allowing you to move in for the kill.

When the fisticuffs are over, hit a bulls-eye downstage-left to open up the ladder down

Use Panther to slice apart the vines here, revealing a vent.

Shrink Ms Marvel and send her though, activating the device which drains the lava.

Back up top, use the de-lavafied pieces to complete the tracks, and push the cart into position.

Investigate the Spidey Sense question marks to trigger a gorilla attack. Match the onscreen button prompt to avoid a smashing.

The gorilla escapes, but leaves some loose pieces for you. These can be built into a detonator for the cart.

Blowing it up triggers a cutscene in which you lose She-Hulk, and face Man-Ape in a brawl. Man-Ape will spend most of his time rolling around. Dodge him while taking out the no-names, then attack him when he stops rolling, and is dizzied.

This lets you climb on his back and smack him around until he undizzies. He'll then leap all the way upstage and open the vents of liquid vibranium. Dodge them until they close again.

Then it's more leap attacks and goons, until Man-Ape starts rolling around again, repeat until vanquished.

Klaw escapes in cutscene, and the mission completes.

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