Some Pigs

In the Manhattanish side of Wakanda, a woman has lost five pigs. You need to find them, then ride them back to the pen.

One is in the jaws of the giant panther statue by the road- free it by melting the statue's gold teeth.

One is in the pool right by the pen. Get it onto land by firing a projectile at the apple overhead.

One is across the road in an even larger pool

Build the red, white, and blue pieces to the right to make a drone,which will fetch the oinker back to dry land.

One is up a tree, behind the pen. Pull the grapple loop on his branch to get him down.

The last is in some underbrush across the road, and slightly up the hill from the hut.

Ride the last one into the pen to win your brick.

You can return here later for more pig-finding fun, but those missions reward you only in studs, and do not count toward game completion.

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