Peebee: Secret Project

Peebee: Secret Project

Locations: Tempest, Voeld, Nexus

Peebee will mention parts for her secret project during conversation Tempest, after the discovery of  Aya. These parts are near a monolith on the iceworld of Voeld (just follow your marker).

Defense is light- a handful of assemblers and whatever Breachers they spawn before dying. No extraordinary means necessary to clear the site.

When it is clear, find the single glyph at ground level by following the conduit.

The console here isn't really fair- there's more than one correct solution, but the only one it will accept is depicted below.

Peebee will take what she needs. You can loot a container for yourself before continuing on.

Talk to Peebee on the Tempest, and she'll tell you to meet her in an apartment in the Nexus Docking Bay area.

Follow your objective marker there and Peebee will show off her project- a tame Remnant machine (I wonder if those colonists from 'Shock Treatment' could use this info). In anycase, you can praise/scold Peebee until an uninvited guest shows up.

Deal with the situation as you please- it's just a few sentences of no lasting consequence.

The quest is put on hold until Peebee learns more about the Remnant, but you do unlock the ability to summon a Remnant as a tech construct.

This mission is then put on hold until Peebee learns more, and it becomes the task Remnant Scanner.

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