How to Solve the Remant Decryption Puzzles

How to Solve the Remant Decryption Puzzles

If you've never played sudoku or its knock-offs, you might need to adjust the to strategies of the Remnant Decryption puzzles. Here's a step-by-step guide to a sample puzzle, so you can see how it all works.

Here's the initial layout. There are no super easy spots (like a row or column with only space left), but there is a spot we can be certain of. In the bottom left quadrant, top left square. We know it can't be any of the two sigils above it (the slanted stack and dotty diamond), and we know it can't be the reversed R because that's in the same row. So there's only one possible option- the dead battery.

There's now both a column and row which have three spots filled in. That makes filling in the last spot easy- it's the only symbol that hasn't been used yet.

That uses up all our obvious spots, so let's look at the grid again, starting from the top. That top row needs both a reversed R and a dotty diamond. Glancing down the columns, we see that the second column already has a reversed R in it, so the dotty diamond must go there. Likewise, the last column already has a dotty diamond, so the reversed R must be up top.

Looking for promising spots, lets take look at the first column, which needs a dotty diamond and a slanted stack. The stack could go in either free space, it seems- there are no slanted stacks in either the second or fourth rows. But there's already a dotty diamond in row 2, which means the first column's diamond must be in the fourth row.

This of course means that the second spot must be the slanted stack, and now enough of the grid is filled that you can get the rest just by process of elimination.

If you get well and truly stuck on a puzzle, try seeing how far you can get with an educated guess- it'll either take you to the solution, or it'll rule out a dead end and get you that much closer to victory. Just remember to check your work before hitting 'Submit Solution,' – wrong answers usually trigger a Remnant attack

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