No-Nonsense Weapons

No Nonsense Weapons

There a many different types of weapons, weapon types, weapon mods, & weapon augments in the Heleus Cluster. While this does give you a lot of tactical options, it can also be a headache to root through them all, testing and tweaking. If you're just looking some practical weapons that will hurt what you point them at, this is the guide for you.

Carnifex – A solid standby from N7 arsenal, the Carnifex is everything a pistol should be- quick enough to whittle down shields, powerful enough to take down enemies without excessive reloading, and precise enough to make each of your shots counts. In particular, the Carnifex is ideal for shooting the eyes out of those pesky Observers. If you decide to make one with augments, the Carnifex does not need to be researched- you can skip straight to the Development screen.

Black Widow – Another classic from the the earlier Mass Effect Games. As before, the Black Widow strikes a good balance between clip size and damage- allowing you to take out a few low level enemies before reloading, or pump everything into a single foe. Pairs extremely well with either the Infiltrator's sneak attack abilities or the Soldier's clip size and damage bonuses.

Noteworthy: The Angaran Isharay rifle only holds one shot at a time, but it's very powerful shot. Combine it with the Vintage Heat Sink augmentation for a great anti-Architect weapon.

Ruzad: There are a number of new fangled shotguns in Heleus cluster with their own weird mechanics, but if you're just looking to shred whatever's standing in front of you into a fine mist, this is the shotgun for you. I also seems to have an unstated bonus against armor.

Avenger: Like the Carnifex, the basic assault rifle from game previous remains a well-balanced standby, good for almost any situation. Also like the Carnifex, you don't need to spend any research points on it.

Asari Sword: This melee weapon is like a mini vanguard-charge all on its own. When activated, Ryder blips out of existence, then reappears several feet away to stab their target for extensive damage. The blips can reach a surprising distance, and Ryder can't be fired on while phased, so even without targets the sword can be used as an effective dash/evade.

Noteworthy: The Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet. You'll get one of these if you loot a special treasure chest in the Eos Vault. If you're looking for something even simpler than the Asari Sword, this is a good choice. Punch something to freeze it, then keep punching, or jump-punch to shatter it. Can be a quick way to assert control in a wild fight.

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