Zheng He

Zheng He

The Zheng He system is home to the Nexus- your base of operations for Pathfinding in Andromeda. It's the system you start in when you first gain access to the Tempest.

System Anomalies: 1

The cloud on the far right of the system (past Ma Huan) hides a deposit of Element Zero.

Planets: 5

Gong Zhen: A ringed world with no special features. Note that even unremarkable worlds need to be scanned to get 100% system progression.

Fei Xin: This planet has the anomaly Active Volcano, which can be studied for XP.

H-599: This evocatively named planet can be scanned to reveal a wrecked starship in orbit, which can be stripped for salvage. The anomaly is easily visible even to the naked eye as a shining glint over the planet's surface.

Nexus: You'll be spending a lot of time here, in the heart of A:I operations. Still, there are no interesting features you can exploit from orbit.

Ma Huan: A gas giant with no special features.

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