Aya: Outpost Supplies

Outpost Supplies

Location: Aya

After the founding of the Embassy on Aya, find a crimson-clad turian hanging out on a shuttle pad in in the Dock area. He needs supplies for the colonies, but can't get to the market. It falls to you to run his errands. His supplies are

Eos: Quiloa seeds, from an agricultural scientist in the market.

Voeld: Solar amplifier from a Solar Technician repairing panels in the market.

Kadara: Antibiotics from the Assistant Medic in the Resistance infirmary.

Elaaden: Ionic water filters from the Aqueduct Engineer

Unlike many miniquests, you actually have to pay for these things with credits. Return them to Merixus for an AVP reward, and a 2% viability bump for the planet in question.

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